Charged Agonarch Rune

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"Could attract the attention of the Hive. Markings on the object reference a terminal in the depths of the Dreadnaught."
— Item description

The Charged Agonarch Rune is an Agonarch Rune charged by killing seven Taken Majors that appear throughout the week on the Dreadnaught. There is no time-limit to complete the Rune, and progress carries over week to week.


The Rune is used to activate a Public Event at The Founts. The event will spawn waves of Taken, including versions of all seven of the weekly bosses. Once all of the seven Majors have been defeated, an Ultra boss named Dumuzod will spawn. Once the boss and the rest of the Taken are killed the player can insert the Rune into a special chest and is awarded a Calcified Fragment, a Moldering Shard, some Rare gear, Motes of Light and Crota's Bane Reputation.


Killing the Seven Majors during the event can be used to charge an incomplete Agonarch Rune, allowing for players with incomplete Runes to open the chest at the end.

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