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Niagara Falls, Canada


Niagara Falls, Canada


July 6th

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A day one player, and lover of lore. I've been a long time lurker here, and decided to become a user to help set the record straight and tell the story of this wonderful world.

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Getting Flawless Raider

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Jumping off the edge of the map in trials trying to farm coins, but permanently destroying my K/D

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I noticed you flagged my Casual PvP and Competitive PvP saying they were opinions. I made thise to represent the new playlist setupin Destiny 2 since there will now be 2 pplaylists Casual and Competitive so I fail to see how they are based on opinions if they are based off official information. I linked the info down below.


Nice screenshots. How'd you do it? Also, in the future, please upload images as a JPEG so it doesn't take nearly so long to load in the browser. Just a friendly word of advice. ;-)


Amazing work Frostwookie! Keep it up!


That's a fair assessment. Just to keep things safe, I removed the Broken Legion and Dust Giants from the list.


Good work on the Books of Sorrow page. I'll go through it and refine it all.


That seems reasonable, and you make excellent points, except if that is the case, then where does Primus A'arn fit into the current scheme? Silence of A'arn is a Shotgun released in TTK as a reward for defeating King's Fall, and it features a quote: "Without victory, we cannot go home!" --Primus A'arn

That's the only hole in your logic that I can see or think of.


Indeed. Hope to see you around!


Hi Frostwookie, welcome to the wiki! Also, thank you for making the Eris Fireteam article. The page is beautifully crafted and adheres to all wiki standards, keep up the good work. I am glad to have you on the team!