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The Farm
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European Dead Zone, Earth


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A refugee camp set up during the Red War for Guardians and non Guardians alike, on the outskirts of the EDZ.

The Farm, also known as the Guardian Camp, was a social space located in the European Dead Zone on Earth. It would later return as a private space during Season of Defiance.


Following the Red Legion's invasion of the Last City and the destruction of the Tower, the surviving Guardians regrouped at an outpost in the European Dead Zone with the help of Suraya Hawthorne. This remote sanctuary was located within sight of a massive shard of the Traveler that was broken off during the Collapse.

After Ghaul was defeated and the Last City was liberated, most of the Farm's vendors relocated to a new headquarters. The only vendors and services that remained were a postmaster, vaults, and Cryptarch Tyra Karn.

During Season of Defiance, the now destroyed Farm would play host to a holdout of civilians under the protection of Mara Sov and her Techeuns. It'd also serve as the main base of operations where The Coalition would plan and begin strikes against the Shadow Legion and their prison camps.

Residents of the Farm[edit]


  • The Farm used to feature a small field with a football/soccer and functioning goals. When the ball was kicked into a goal, sparklers on the goal lit up; for every third score in a goal, flares would launch into the air
    • This field would later be destroyed.
  • Chickens can be seen throughout the Farm. Some horses can also be seen in a cutscene that takes place within the Farm's stable. The horses never appear in-game as you can't access the stables.
  • Guardians can temporarily unlock increased agility while at the Farm. Walking on the water wheel for a few seconds will grant the buffs "Wheel Boost" and "Sentry Ranks x2". Reaching the roof of the barn will likewise grant "Vertigo" and an additional 2 Sentry Ranks. After obtaining 4 Sentry Ranks, activating the fire pit near the lake to begins a Scouting Patrol, which will grant "Commander's Blessing" and start a brief jumping challenge. Passing through all of the columns of light as they appear across the Farm unlocks "Scouting Commander," a blue aura that allows rapid sprinting and very high jumping; the completion time will also be noted. Scouting Commander will last until the player leaves the Farm but can be re-obtained on subsequent visits.
  • The drapes to the left behind Tyra Karn did not have collision and could be freely jumped through to find an empty and roughly textured shed.
  • With the release of Beyond Light, the Farm was removed and placed in the Destiny Content Vault. But was later re-added with Season of Defiance.


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