Invasion of Earth

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Battle of the War Gods


Invasion of Neptune


Skirmish of Titan

Invasion of Earth
Invasion of Earth Conflict.jpg


War against the Witness




  • Countless Shadow Legion Troops
  • Countless Taken
  • Amanda Holliday
  • Unknown amount of Coalition forces (If Any)
  • All Prison Wardens
  • Thousands of Shadow Legion Troops
  • Thousands of Taken
  • Several Tormentors
Civilian casualties

Unknown amount of civilians and captives


Mithrax: "The Shadow Legion cannot resist the power of the Guardian and the Awoken."
Crow: "With a coalition like ours, there's no fortress we can't break. As long as we stick together, we'll be unstoppable."
— Mithrax and Crow, discussing the strength of the Coalition

The Invasion of Earth was an operation conducted by the Witness, the Black Fleet and Shadow Legion forces to assault the Traveler and later the Last City. After the Traveler became inactive by the Witness's efforts, the Shadow Legion would split up its forces: one force tackling the objective of securing the Veil on Neomuna, and the other force tackling the objective of continuing their invasion of Earth. They would begin to take civilians as prisoners, primarily in the villages scattered beyond the Last City for unknown purposes, as well as assisting the Taken in the infestation of the EDZ via blights and assisting the new Bracus Zahn.

After rescuing Amanda Holliday from a Shadow Legion fortress in the EDZ, the Guardian and Amanda would assist Mara Sov, Mithrax, and Devrim Kay in rescuing more captives in several Shadow Legion prisons by defeating various Shadow Legion prison wardens. The Guardian would also work with Devrim and Empress Caiatl's forces to assassinate a new "Bracus Zahn" and eliminate the blight infestation spreading in the EDZ.


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