Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness

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Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness
Phase 1
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Phase 2
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Biographical information


The Dread
Shadow Legion





Combat information


Mission: Jailbreak


VoidS.png Tormentor Scythe


VoidS.png Null Paroxsym
VoidS.png Suppression
VoidS.png Abyssal Cleave
High Durability
Rapid Movement
VoidS.png Dark Harvest
Summon Cabal
Summon Taken
Summon Blight


Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness is a powerful Ultra Tormentor that guarded a Shadow Legion prisoner camp in The Tunnels of the European Dead Zone. While Amanda Holliday and Mithrax, Kell of Light saw to the evacuation of the captives, Vereziia faced off against The Guardian, and was ultimately slain.[1]


Vereziia is the final boss of Mission: Jailbreak. It is distinguishable from most other Tormentors by the teal hue of their skin, as well as their cyan-gem left leg, blue gem right leg, and green stomach decorations. They possess all the common powers of the Tormentors, making it a deadly close range combatant with suppressive abilities. They can also summon reinforcements in the form of Cabal and Taken, which they will do throught the fight. For the first third of their health, Vereziia will roam around in its base form, while Legionaries, Phalanxes and Honored Centurions seek out the player. After their weak spots are broken, Vereziia will retreat to a room overlooking the area and summon several Blights, which will cover large parts of the floor in damaging liquid, as well as a wave of Taken. Once the first few enemies are slain, the Tormentor will rejoin the fight in its second form, now running after the player while its reinforcements, which will consist of Taken Acolytes, Taken Thralls, and a Servile Wizard, unleash covering fire. As with any Tormentor, heavy precision weaponry is recommended to end the fight quickly.