The Light and Darkness Saga

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Light and Darkness Saga




Activision[1] (2014-2019)
Bungie[2] (2019-Present)


Xbox Series S (since Beyond Light)
Xbox Series X (since Beyond Light)
Xbox One[1]
Xbox 360 (until Rise of Iron)[3]
PlayStation 5 (since Beyond Light)
PlayStation 4[1]
PlayStation 3 (until Rise of Iron)[3] (formerly)
Google Stadia (formerly)
Xbox App
Epic Games Store (since Season of Plunder)

Release date(s):

September 9, 2014 through June 4, 2024[4][5][6]


First-person shooter[7]




ESRB: Teen (T) for Animated Blood and Violence
PEGI: 16+


The Light and Darkness Saga is the first saga of the Destiny Universe, which contains all content packs starting from Destiny and concluding with The Final Shape and the raid that accompanies it. [8]


The Light and Darkness Saga is about The Traveler and its battle against a collective consciousness of Darkness known as The Witness, fleeing across the galaxy to find powerful heralds of its power to combat opposing forces.


Becoming Legend[edit]

Also referred to as A Guardian Rises, the initial campaign of Destiny follows a newly risen Guardian's journey throughout the Sol System to investigate what is preventing the Traveler from healing after its fight with the Darkness during the Collapse. During their journey they encounter several hostile races: the scavenging and vicious raiders known as the Fallen, the zealous and Darkness-worshipping Hive, the robotic entities containing Radiolaria inside their frames known as the Vex, and the militant warrior race known as the Cabal. They would soon learn from the Exo Stranger that a Heart within the Black Garden was the reason the Traveler is not healing, so they gain the favor of the Awoken and get an Eye of a Gate Lord to enter the Black Garden and destroy its heart by defeating the Sol Progeny.

The Dark Below[edit]

A Hunter has returned from the darkness of the Hellmouth on the Moon, and she warns of a returning threat: Crota, the Hive god-prince who slaughtered thousands of Guardians during their initial invasion to take back the Moon from the Hive. The Guardian is tasked by her to scour the Cosmodrome for his heralds to slow his revival, then finally confront the demon himself within the deepest recesses of the Hellmouth and even his own Throne World.

House of Wolves[edit]

During their quest to find and destroy the Black Heart, the Guardian had struck a deal with the Awoken Queen Mara Sov and also had learned she had a House of Fallen loyal to her. Now she reaches out to the Guardians to hunt down Skolas, Kell of Kells and end his rebellion before they gain a foothold within the grander Fallen political scene, and perhaps even something more dangerous.

The Taken King[edit]

Oryx, a God of the Hive, has arrived in the Sol System, seeking vengeance for his son's death. With his own personal army in tow, a force no Guardian has faced, Oryx quickly takes complete control of the system and challenges the Guardian themselves to stop him. Now the go-to champion of the Last City, the Guardian, is sent by Eris Morn and Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard, to find a way to cleanse the system of the Taken rot and confront the God-King himself.

Rise of Iron[edit]

Lord Saladin, the last of the Iron Lords, has called upon the Guardian to take back Felwinter Peak, and in the process discovers something disturbing. SIVA, an ancient and unwieldly Golden Age nanotechnology produced by Clovis Bray, is now in the hands of the House of Devils Splicers. With Felwinter Peak reclaimed, the Guardian must now travel into the Plaguelands to stop the spread of SIVA and the rabid Fallen sect who worship it, and maybe even discover what truly happened to the Iron Lords.

The Red War[edit]

The Red Legion, led by the Cabal warlord Dominus Ghaul, used the Traveler Cage to trap the Traveler, strip all Guardians of their Light, and invade the Last City. The Guardian worked to reassemble the Vanguard, take back the Last City, and reclaim their Light from the Shard of the Traveler. They would eventually shut down a star-killing weapon called The Almighty, defeat the Dominus, and reawaken the Traveler.

Curse of Osiris[edit]

Osiris, the infamous Warlock who was exiled, discovers a sinister plot by the Vex after the Traveler's reawakening following the death of Dominus Ghaul. He calls upon the Guardian to explore the Infinite Forest and confront the Vex Mind that wishes to threaten the world.


A rogue Hive brood has resurfaced after the Traveler's reawakening has caused the icecaps to melt near Hellas Basin, the heart of Rasputin's systems. The Guardian worked with Ana Bray to discover her past and stop Xol and his herald from destroying Rasputin. In the end, Rasputin swears that he will protect humanity on his own terms.


While attempting to contain a prison break in the Prison of Elders, the Scorn, a race of Fallen brought back through Dark Ether, have murdered Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard. The Guardian made a deal with the Queen's Wrath Petra Venj and a shady Fallen mob boss named The Spider to remove the Scorn's influence on the Tangled Shore. After eliminating the Scorn Barons, they would confront Uldren Sov, who was corrupted by an Ahamkara named Riven by posing as his sister, and kill him. Petra opened the Dreaming City to them and made contact with Queen Mara Sov, who orders them to slay Riven. Season of the Forge had a mysterious Exo named Ada-1 task the Guardian with stopping a Fallen crime syndicate from stealing Black Armory technology to be used against the Last City. They were able to corner their leader, Siviks inside Niobe Labs and defeat him. Season of the Drifter involved the Guardian with investigating the Drifter, the host of Gambit with a strange past and his connections to the IX. Season of Opulence had former Cabal Emperor Calus invite the Guardian to participate for glory in the Menagerie inside his ship, the Leviathan.


The Nightmares have been unleashed all across the Moon's surface by Eris Morn, who had uncovered a dark secret underneath. The Guardian work with Eris Morn to banish the Nightmares and enter the Lunar Pyramid. While exploring the Pyramid, a Voice in the Darkness contacts the Guardian's Ghost and informs them of their salvation. Season of the Undying saw the Guardian work with Ikora Rey, the Warlock Vanguard, to push back the Sol Divisive invasion on the Moon led by the Undying Mind. Season of Dawn had Osiris task the Guardian with stopping the Psion Flayers from undoing the Last City's victory in the Red War and rescuing a legendary Titan named Saint-14. Season of the Worthy saw the Guardian convince Rasputin to arm the Warsats on the Almighty before it could reach the Last City and prepare for the arrival of the Black Fleet in the Sol System. Season of Arrivals had the Guardian work with Drifter and Eris Morn to clear the interference and decrypt messages from the Ionian Pyramid, with a Voice telling them to seek out power on Europa before the disappearance of Io, Titan, Mercury, and Mars.

Beyond Light[edit]

Eramis, the leader of a new Fallen House on Europa, gifts her followers the power of Stasis. To stop her and the Barons of this new House, the Guardian had to learn how to use the Darkness in defense of the Last City through Stasis taught by Elsie Bray aka the Exo Stranger. Season of the Hunt saw the Guardian work with Uldren Sov, now reborn as Crow, to track down and slay the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, with its death giving Crow freedom from Spider's service. Season of the Chosen saw the Guardian engage in Rites of Proving in order to gain Empress Caiatl's favor. Season of the Splicer had the Guardian seek out Mithrax's assistance in shutting down a Vex simulation that would threaten the Last City. Season of the Lost had Mara Sov task the Guardian with freeing the Techeuns lost within the Ley Lines from Xivu Arath's forces in order for the exorcism to remove Savathûn's worm to commence.

The Witch Queen[edit]

The Guardian discovers something shocking while investigating Mars' reappearance: the Hive now have powers tied to the Light. They work with Hidden agents to discover how Savathûn was able to grant her Lucent Brood the Light. After thorough investigation, it is revealed that the Traveler willingly gave Savathûn the Light and that she is planning to move the Traveler into her Throne World by using the powers she borrowed from the Witness. They stop her plans by showing the truth: the Witness tricked the Krill into accepting the Darkness and thus becoming the Hive. After her defeat, the war against the Witness begins and the Guardian confronts Rhulk, the first Disciple of the Witness inside the Sunken Pyramid. Season of the Risen saw the formation of the Coalition as a result of signing an armistice with Empress Caiatl, integrating Mithrax's House of Light into the Last City, and helping the Awoken in freeing the Techeuns from the forces of Xivu Arath, and would have the Guardian work with Imperial Opti to gain intel on the Lucent Brood's plans for the stolen Light. Season of the Haunted had Eris Morn and the Guardian work together to sever Calus's connection to the Lunar Pyramid by first helping various characters confront their traumas. Season of Plunder saw the Guardian work alongside Eido, Mithrax, Drifter, and Spider to prevent Eramis from acquiring relics containing body parts of Nezarec, another Disciple of the Witness. Season of the Seraph had the Guardian bring Rasputin back online in order to gain information on Neptune while thwarting Xivu Arath and Eramis from taking control of his Warsat network.


The Witness's forces arrive on Earth's orbit and it discovers the Veil is hidden in a city on Neptune after making contact with the Traveler. The Guardian was able to help the Cloud Striders Rohan and Nimbus repel a siege orchestrated by the Shadow Legion and its leader, the newly-risen Disciple of the Witness, Calus. They would also learn the power of Strand in the process. Despite Calus's defeat, the Witness was able to begin its attempt to enact the Final Shape by using the Guardian's Ghost to connect the Veil to the Traveler and open a portal to the Traveler's Pale Heart. After stopping a resurrected Nezarec from haunting the citizens of Neomuna, they would soon learn from Soteria's submind that an "enemy of the Witness" is hiding on Titan. Season of Defiance saw the Coalition forces work together to rescue prisoners captured by the Shadow Legion throughout Earth. Season of the Deep saw the Guardian assist Deputy Commander Sloane in forming a psychic connection with Ahsa so she can provide information regarding the Witness to the Vanguard and its allies. Season of the Witch had the Guardian help Immaru eliminate Xivu Arath before he can resurrect Savathûn, and the Vanguard get the instructions needed to follow the Witness inside the portal. Season of the Wish sees the Guardian make a bargain with the spirit of Riven to secure her and Taranis' eggs from the Sol Divisive, Scorn, and Taken to grant the 15th wish: a wish to safely bypass the portal.

The Final Shape[edit]

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