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Engineering Sect


Hack into Technology
Augmenting House members with cybernetics


SIVA Crisis
Season of the Splicer


"The Splicers' role within a Fallen House is the equivalent to a mad scientist."
"Or Warlock."
"Sure. Just didn't want to be the one who said it.
Shiro-4 and Ghost[1]

Splicers are a secret collective in Fallen Houses, charged with the augmentation of other House members with cybernetics, body hacking, bio-engineering, unraveling technology, and enhancing the Eliksni species' evolution. All Fallen Houses possess Splicers, filled with their best scientists and engineers.[2]


Skolas, Wolf Kell utilized Wolf and Winter Splicers to hack Vex technology when he broke into the Vault of Glass to later pull the House of Wolves forward in time.[3][4]

The most notable of these specialized groups are the Devil Splicers, a radical sect within the House of Devils devoted to the Golden Age technology, SIVA. They were responsible for the creation of the Plaguelands within the Cosmodrome.[2]

Notable groups

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House of Light

Devils' Splicers

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    "You are correct, my lady. I would not call our mission a success. Skolas managed to win over—well, a substantial number of Winter soldiers have taken up the Wolf banner. He calls himself Kell of Kells now."
    — Petra Venj