Kaviss, Splicer Captain

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Kaviss, Splicer Captain
Biographical Information




Devil Splicers




Splicer Captain





Combat Information


A Khvostov Rising


SIVA Shock Rifle


Void Shield
SIVA Teleport
Rapid Movement
High Durability
Guard Khvostov
Summon Fallen
Summon Splicers
Summon Skiffs
Splicer Seeker
Slashing Melee


Kaviss, Splicer Captain is a unique Splicer Captain that appears in the A Khvostov Rising Quest. He will drop the Khvostov 7G-0X when killed.


Kaviss is as strong as a typical public event boss, which means that he will call for a lot of concentrated fire, particularly from high-impact weaponry. His shield is extremely resistant, even to sources of Void damage, and can regenerate it in an instant. He also has a very high health count, and is armed with a SIVA Shock Rifle that functions much like a machine gun. His battle lasts for two phases.

His first phase will start when he runs off out of a building to the left of The Divide. He will be accompanied by some Splicer Vandals, but he can always call on more reinforcements. Due to his high health count, it will also take more shots than usual to stagger him, allowing him to otherwise run around the area and flank you in different angles. Once his health reaches half its original amount, however, he will teleport far away to recover.

The second phase is more difficult mainly because of the environment. It is significantly more enclosed and more reinforcements will appear. Kaviss will also have fully regenerated his shield and health. Cover is less apparent in this area, as reinforcements will always find a way around. Kaviss will try to suppress you so that the adds can do this. The player will have to be mobile and aware to stay alive. Once he is finally killed, though, he will drop the Khvostov 7G-0X.

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