A Khvostov Rising

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We Found a Rifle



A Khvostov Rising
Grimoire Khvostov 7G-0X.jpg


Rise of Iron expansion


1 - 3


The Plaguelands, Old Russia

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A Khvostov Rising is a side-mission included in Destiny's fourth installment, Rise of Iron. It succeeds the quest We Found a Rifle, and is required to finish in order to accumulate the Khvostov 7G-0X, an exotic auto rifle and the upgraded variant of its predecessor, the Khvostov 7G-02. It takes place in the reduxed version of the Cosmodrome, available by travelling through the Plaguelands.[1]


  • Scan Dock 13
  • Head outside
  • Pursue the Captain
    • Captain killed (4:51)
  • Enter The Breach
  • Track the Captain
  • Defeat the Captain
  • Reach the Ketch
  • Enjoy the view with Ghost


{Loading screen}

  • Ghost: "To finish the Khvostov, we'll need a Golden Age firing pin. Shiro gave me a few ideas of where we could start looking. I laughed when I scanned the coordinates; They're awfully familiar."


The Guardian deploys, beginning their search in Dock 13.

  • Ghost: "It seems like yesterday we were racing the Fallen to get to that rusted old ship. Now, we just need one little piece of metal."

The Guardian dispatches a pair of enemies, then scans the former resting place of their first jumpship.

  • Ghost: "I'm detecting traces of fuel leakage from an Arcadia jumpship, faded ether emissions from a Fallen Archon... but there's no pin here. Let's get out into the open."

The Guardian progresses in the direction of The Divide, facing light opposition before entering the open area.

The Guardian deploys their Ghost in an open spot just outside of the building they came from.

  • Ghost: "Here we go! There's a Fallen Captain nearby and he's got a pin on him. Bet he just threw it in with a bunch of other scrap; Doesn't even know what he's got."

The Guardian searches The Divide for the Captain.

  • Ghost: That Captain's using a powerful strain of SIVA. He'll be hard to take down- Keep after him."

From here, a timer begins to count down. The Guardian has a short amount of time to slay Kaviss, Splicer Captain. After enough damage, he will begin to retreat towards The Breach, finally transmatting from harm.

  • Ghost: "How did they- fine. Okay, hold on. I've reacquired his signal. Ugh, he's leaking SIVA mites. Must have been pretty deep in the Plaguelands. At least that means we can track him.

The Guardian enters The Breach, into familiar territory. They exit the tunnel.

  • Ghost: There! Get me close to that SIVA cloud.

The Guardian deploys their Ghost in the SIVA cloud originating over a cluster of small nodes on the ground, situated in the centre of the room.

  • Ghost: He's definitely leaking mites. Let's follow the trail.

The Guardian presses onward, navigating through SIVA clouds and laser trip mines. Eventually they come across an open area of the Wall,

  • Ghost: I remember this room! Huh... and he's right around here. Be careful.

After a brief trek through the open area, the Guardian spots Kaviss with a pair of Splicer Servitors on the other side of a barred wall.

  • Ghost: There he is, and the Servitors have him shielded. Don't let him get away!

Combat re-ensues. Fallen Skiffs emerge and deploy Fallen into the area, and the Guardian combats Kaviss and his heavy reinforcements. Upon death, Kaviss drops the Khvostov 7G-0X, an exotic auto rifle.

  • Ghost: (To the Guardian) Patching in the Iron Temple now. (To Shiro) Shiro, we've fit the firing pin and the weapon looks exceptional under my scans. Great work!"
  • Shiro-4: "That's good to hear. You've got a chance to use it, too. A group of Fallen are mustering from the Ketch out on the highway.
  • Ghost: (To Shiro) We're on it. (To the Guardian) Let's go introduce them to an old friend.

The Guardian equips the Khvostov, and begins to make their way outside of the Wall.

  • Ghost: "I count myself lucky I decided to swing back through Russia when I did. If I'd gone south instead of north, it could have been years before we met. We did it, though. We got that ship flying, and I got you back to the City. And now look at everything we've done together."

The Guardian exits the Wall, coming out into the open again, and the place of their rebirth. Fallen litter the area amongst the dozens of derelict husks of Golden Age cars. The Splicership Menkis-Syn looms over the area from the edge of the cliff ahead. The Guardian fights their way onboard, clearing its hangar of any enemy resistance.

  • Ghost: "Hey! Take a look at that view. Can we swing over there?"

The Guardian obliges, making their way to the bow end of the Ketch's hangar deck. Amidst the blizzard the ruins of a city can be seen in the distance, on the other side of the collapsed highway. The Guardian chats with Ghost.

  • Ghost: "Every Ghost is born knowing we have to find our Guardian. We don't know what they look like- Not on the outside, anyway. On the inside, I've always known who you were, and that together, we could be something... more. When you think about everything we've seen, everything we've done, I feel like... I made the right choice."
  • Ghost: "Hm. We should let Shiro know how it went out here. Let him... admire his handiwork. And... thanks, you know. For being my Guardian."

{Mission ends}


  • Fallen
    • Shank
      • Pit Shank
      • Splicer Exploder Shank
    • Dreg
      • Reaver Dreg
    • Vandal
      • Reaver Vandal
      • Splicer Vandal
    • Servitor
      • Splicer Servitor
    • Captain
      • Reaver Captain
      • Splicer Captain
    • Boss


  • This mission harbours several shout-outs to callbacks of the first mission of Destiny. Some of these include the retrieval of the player's first jumpship and the defeat of Riksis, to the now roof-less area where the player picked up the original Khvostov 7G-02, and finally, their rebirth on the cliff just on the outside of the Cosmodrome's Wall.



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