Beauty in Delivery

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"Assault a Fallen stronghold. Forge your Gjallarhorn."
— Mission description


A Symbol of Honor

Beauty in Delivery
Beauty in Destruction.jpg


Rise of Iron expansion


1 - 3


Skyshock, Earth



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Beauty in Delivery is the final story mission in the Quest Beauty in Destruction, and grants the Guardian their Year 3 Gjallarhorn.


  • Clear out the Fallen
  • Find the final components
  • Defend Ghost
  • Claim your Gjallarhorn
  • Eliminate the Fallen


{Loading screen}

  • SALADIN: Guardian—you should know the Fallen were not at Bannerfall by chance. They are readying an attack force once more on the City.
  • GHOST: (worried) You're telling us this now?!
  • SALADIN: Have faith. The Gjallarhorn was created to deal with threats just like this. Arm yourself, and see this done.


The Guardian lands at Skyshock, in Old Russia. The entire abandoned airfield is swarming with Fallen. Shanks patrol the grounds while Vandals and Stealth Vandals stand guard from vantage points such as buildings or planes. Slow Field Mines also litter the ground as well.

  • GHOST: I have Saladin's notes on where the last components could be.

The Guardian makes their way to the rear of the former control tower, wiping out the large groups of Fallen along the way. They finally reach a small, narrow storage unit. Inside sits a table holding a box of weapon parts. The Guardian places the unfinished launcher on the table, and allows their Ghost to investigate.

  • GHOST: I'm going to need some time to integrate these last pieces—and, y'know—(nervously) not getting shot would be nice, too?
  • SALADIN: Use your surroundings, Young Wolf. Make them come to you.

The Guardian readies themselves as several Skiffs drop off Fallen crews. While staying near their Ghost, the Guardian defends themselves against the increasing horde. Dregs, Vandals, and Shanks start to surround them.

  • SALADIN: You are an Iron Lord. Your Light is a dragon. You... will not fall.

Fallen numbers increase as more Shanks, Dregs, and Vandals appear. Servitors now enter the fray, providing shields for their infantry. However, the Guardian holds their ground.

  • GHOST: Whatever you do, don't let them in here! There's barely enough elbow room in here for me!

Armed with Fallen weapons of all varieties, even more infantry attack at once. Skiffs previously dropping off reinforcements now remain in place and fire their turrets wherever they can. The Guardian is fighting an entire army of Fallen.

  • GHOST: (bewildered) Did you even know there was this many Fallen on Earth?!

More powerful lieutenants arrive, including Captains wielding Scorch Cannons. Once the Guardian kills them, they can use the shoulder-mounted weapon against the attacking forces, helping to clear out the seemingly endless invasion.

  • GHOST: (shouting) Can you keep it down out there?!

Eventually, the repairs and modifications are finished, and the remaining Fallen retreat.

  • GHOST: I'm done! Come grab this thing!!

The Guardian rushes back into the storage unit to find the Ghost floating next to the finished weapon. The Guardian picks it up: The Gjallarhorn is finally in their hands. The skies erupt as several more Skiffs break orbit and hover outside the control tower.

  • SALADIN: The power of the Iron Lords now rests in your hands, Guardian. Use it. Clear the Gap, and remind the Fallen what happened to their number so long ago.

Outside, the Skiffs drop off a battalion of Devil Splicers, punctuated by several Dregs piloting Pikes and led by two Perfected Walkers. Over half a dozen Heavy Ammo crates appear around the airfield, presumably sent in by Lord Saladin. Using their newly acquired Gjallarhorn, the Guardian easily destroys the two Walkers and eliminate the surrounding Pikes one by one. The Guardian continues using their Gjallarhorn on the infantry as well, quickly killing off the SIVA-enhanced group. Once the last of them are eliminated:

  • SALADIN: (proudly) Lord Guardian... a fitting title if there ever was one. You are now truly an Iron Lord.
  • GHOST: (sweetly) Aww! He's such a nice guy underneath the armor!
  • SALADIN: Find me again at the Iron Temple, Young Wolf. I will look upon your new weapon, and deliver my congratulations in person.

{Mission ends.}



When fighting the Fallen at the start of the mission, the regular Devils are accompanied by Splicer Servitors