Splicer Dreg

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Splicer Dreg
Splicer Dreg.png
Biographical Information




Baseline Infantry


Devil Splicers


Cannon Fodder

Combat information


SIVA Shock Pistol (common)
SIVA Shrapnel Launcher (rare)
Shock Dagger(s)
SIVA Charge


Rapid Movement
Splicer Seeker


Splicer Dregs are SIVA-infused Dregs that behave just like their regular counterparts, but they have modifications that make them much more dangerous.


Splicer Dregs are equipped with mechanical peg-legs to dramatically increase their speed, meaning that players will have a hard time keeping their aim on them. Their armaments have been upgraded as well. For example, instead of Shock Grenades, Splicer Dregs will now throw a SIVA Charge that detonates upon impact. Also, their Shock Pistols no longer fire bolts in a straight line, but they will now fire in a zig-zag to increase unpredictability. Perhaps the most devastating improvement of all is the fact that if killed by a critical hit, occasionally a deathseeker orb will erupt from their neck and home in on Guardians. This orb will detonate and cause serious damage if not shot down. However, if there is one weakness that Splicer Dregs have inherited from their counterparts, it's their frailty. Even with all these improvements at hand, Splicer Dregs can easily be gunned down by even the weakest of weapons due to their lackluster defenses.



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