Siege Engine

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Siege Engine
Death zamboni.jpg
Production information


Devil Splicers

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Web Mines
Electrified Rails
Electric Barrier


Heavily Armored


Siege Engine Turrets
Robotic Mace Limb


Meksis, Siege Engineer


Splicer Walker


Year introduced:

Wrath of the Machine


Heavy Artillery


House of Devils


Siege Engines are massive, mobile, armored artillery machine that the Devil Splicers use to smash down The Wall. One can be seen in the Wrath of the Machine Raid.


The Siege Engine is a particularly difficult boss fight. It will continuously assault your position on the battlefield by closing in and hammering you with its Siege Turrets. It can also run you over for an instant kill, and will have an electric barrier that kills anyone that gets too close, which translates to electrified sides that will also kill you. However, while it is completely immune to all Guardian attacks, it is possible to cause a hull breach in it. To do so, shoot down the two plates that protect the hull (one on the left and one on the right) to reveal it, and then put out as much damage as possible on the vulnerable area, which will cause a breach on the right side of the engine (Your left). This must be done fast, or the Siege Engine will crush your team against the wall.

After the Siege Engine has broken through the wall, there will be another wall in front of you. There will be three relics dropped by enemies arriving on a Skiff. But as you pick up the relics a Captain named Meksis, Siege Engineer will close the entrance to the Siege Engine. The team must bring the relics to the engine. Switch relic carriers as needed. Those who aren't carrying relics by the time you reach the Siege Engine will have to take out Meksis. He is a durable opponent, but with concentrated fire, he should go down in a matter of seconds. Then your team may place the relics in their coordinating spots. This will render the Siege Engine fully operational. It will break down the barrier once more, but after that, there will be a huge gap. Jump off the Siege Engine and descend into the gap, or you will die from the Siege Engine's detonation.

Heroic Mode Changes[edit]

The Siege Engine's Heroic Mode encounter has a somewhat different structure than Normal Mode. You will start off the fight as usual, although the Siege Engine will move faster than before and its turrets have an extended range, so shoot them down quickly. The encounter resumes as usual from this point on until the part where your team carries the relics over to the engine. When Meksis locks it down, a Perfected Walker will have been deployed. It has a lot of durability and firepower at hand, and can prove to make the encounter very difficult, but it has the same amount of health as any other Perfected Walker. Take it down quickly before you continue to put the relics into the engine.


  • The Siege Engine is dubbed the "Death Zamboni" by the community.


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