Baxx, Hand of Oryx

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"You will not need to suffer any more. You will not need pain to drive you or hunger to pull you along. You will be joyful in your purpose, a beautiful annihilation, unending. Cut away these useless things."
—Grimoire description
Baxx, Hand of Oryx
Grimoire Baxx the Gravekeeper.jpg
Biographical Information


Taken (currently)
Hive (formerly)






Lost to Light
Last Rites(Briefly)



Combat Information


Arc Eye Blast
Ground Slam
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Berserk Mode
Summon Taken
Guard Portal


Baxx, Hand of Oryx is a Taken Ogre that appears as a boss in The Taken King. Originally known as Baxx, The Gravekeeper, he is encountered in the Chamber of Night during the Story mission Lost to Light, where he is Taken by Oryx, the Taken King. Baxx returns in the mission Regicide alongside Ta'aun, Hand of Oryx to bar the Guardian's path to Oryx himself.


First encountered in Lost to Light Baxx tries to ward off the Guardian from the chamber with his arcane abilities and brute strength (eye blast and ground slam), and protect a shard of the crystal that held Crota's soul, although the Guardian managed to steal it, but only because Baxx become Taken, and turned into Baxx, Hand of Oryx.

In Last Rites he appears with Ta'aun to avenge Crota before Eris Morn teleports the Guardian away. He can be damaged but has the durability of a Gorgon.

Returning in Regicide, he fights alongside Ta'aun. If Ta'aun is killed first, Baxx will go into a "berserk" state, in which he will chase the Guardian until he lands a hit with his ground slam or is killed himself.


  • Baxx's name was formerly Baxx, Thane of Oryx during production of The Taken King.
  • Baxx's has a red coloured skin altough he's Taken.

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