Remnant Iron Lord

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Remnant Iron Lord


Plaguelands, Earth


Protect Replication Complex
Ensure flow of SIVA

At war with:


Average lifespan:

Indefinite so long as SIVA keeps them alive

Notable individuals:

Remnant of Felwinter
Remnant of Gheleon
Remnant of Jolder


"Those things on the ceiling... I'm detecting DNA—they're... human!"

The Remnant Iron Lords are mutated Humans and Exos that are infused and warped by SIVA it uses to defend Site 6 in the event of an opposing force breaching the replication complex.


Remnant Iron Lords were formerly Iron Lords who, upon being sealed in Site 6 by Jolder, were captured and immobilized by SIVA. The SIVA would then spend the years between the Battle of Site-6 and the events of Rise of Iron mutating and transforming the bodies of the captured Iron Lords into monstrosities used for its own preservation.

Upon The Guardian breaching Site 6 and finding the self destruct sequence, its self preservation programs activate and the body of Felwinter is yanked into the ceiling, dropping an Iron Battle Axe he held in his final moments. Moments later the Remnant of Felwinter descends, intent on preserving the very complex its host wished to seize all those years ago. However it would fail and be felled, leading to the other two Remnants, Remnant of Gheleon, and Remnant of Jolder to be activated well as Devil Splicer reinforcements entering the complex to assist. However they would prove inadequate in defeating the next generation of Iron Lords and would finally be laid to rest.