R-M80, Loyal to Avarokk

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R-M80, Loyal to Avarokk
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Tracer Shank

Combat information


Grasp of Avarice


ArcS.png Wire Rifle turret


High Durability
Midair Levitation
Rapid Flight
Supply Mines


R-M80, Loyal to Avarokk is a Fallen Tracer Shank who appears in the Grasp of Avarice Dungeon. It is seen alongside Grisprax, Bosun of Avarokk and its master, Captain Avarokk, the Covetous, in the final encounter, where it is destroyed by the Guardians.[1]


After the Cursed Engram in the center of the arena is triggered at the start of the fight, R-M80 emerges shortly after Avarokk, flying to a high position roughly in the center of the arena. R-M80 behaves much as a typical Tracer Shank, shooting from afar, however its high health combined with a propensity for hiding behind terrain makes it somewhat troublesome for unprepared Guardians. While active, R-M80's presence supplies its Captain with a bottomless supply of Web Mines for him to throw at the Guardians. In concert with its high accuracy and damage, this can be quite frustrating, and taking this Shank out before focusing on Grisprax or the Boss is a common strategy to prevent players becoming pinned for extended periods. Following a damage phase where R-M80 or Grisprax were killed, Avarokk will summon the other or both back from below deck to aid him.


  • The name R-M80 is a pun on the phrase "Argh Matey".
    • This, combined with the pirate themes of the Dungeon has led many to jokingly call the Shank, Captain Avarokk's "Parrot".

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