Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath

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Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath
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Xivu Arath's Horde




Taken Ogre

Combat information


Astral Alignment


Rotten Surge
Axion Darts
Summon Taken
Summon Hive (Exorcism)
High Durability
Immunity Shield
Ground Slam


Kholks, Taken of Xivu Arath was a powerful Taken Ogre that featured as one of the final bosses of the Astral Alignment activity, where it attempted to secure the Blind Well for Xivu Arath, God of War. Kholks later took part in the assault on the ritual to remove the Worm of Savathûn, but was defeated for the final time by the Guardians.[1]


Astral Aligment[edit]

Kholks is one of the two rotating final bosses encountered in the Astral Alignment seasonal activity in Season of the Lost. They prevent the Guardians from completing the realignment of the Ley Lines, while also trying to capture the Blind Well for their master.

Kholks summons vast hordes of Taken reinforcements and is capable of firing large volleys of Void Axion Darts, which home in on one specific player at a time and can potentially kill them if they do not take cover or shoot them down. Once a third of the boss' health has been depleted, they will summon an immunity shield, as well as Taken Champions and Lost Ogres. To take down the shield, players must destroy one of the Blights located in the far corners of Well. This will spawn an Eye of Xivu Arath, which drops an orb of Taken Essence upon being killed. Picking it up will grant the "Taken Essence Antumbra" buff, which will allow the player to damage Kholks's shield. This process will repeat one more time before the boss is killed.


Kholks appears alongside Kruutiks, Reefbane, as a boss in the Exorcism Mission. After Mara Sov and her Techeuns have begun the ritual and Saint-14 has raised his Ward of Dawn, both of Xivu Arath's minions will appear on the two overlooking points in the far corners of the arena. Multiple Taken Blights will materialize throughout the room. Kruutiks will engage the enemies first, assisted by numerous Hive forces during the fight, including Barrier Knight Champions, while Kholks will join them after half the Raider's health has been depleted. The Ogre fights much like it did in Astral Alignment, standing in the back firing a constant barrage of Axion Darts, and pelting targets with Rotten Surge. Occasionally, it will move to a side of the room.

You are not required to completely finish the bosses off. You need only whittle them down until they have a quarter of their health left, at which point they will teleport back to their original positions, before the final boss emerges from the Blight: Kelgorath, Risen from Bones.





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