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This article is about the Lucent Throne World of Savathûn, the Witch Queen. For the simulated variant of the Court of Savathûn, see Court of Savathûn (Io).
Court of Savathûn


Ascendant Realm

Enemy factions:

Lucent Brood
Precursors (Season of the Witch)
Wrathborn (Season of the Witch)
Xivu Arath's Horde (Season of the Witch)
The Dread (Season of the Witch)

Hostile races:



Landing zones:



"Tell me, oh honored guest. Don't you want to escape? This Throne World is indistinguishable from my own mind. Every step taken, every bullet fired, I keep and count them all."
— Savathûn, the Witch Queen.

The Court of Savathûn, also known as the High Coven, is the Throne World of Savathûn, the Witch Queen. After she was revived as a Lightbearer, Savathûn reforged her throne world with Light instead of Darkness. It was added as a Destination in The Witch Queen.


Realm of the Witch Queen[edit]

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As with her siblings Oryx, the Taken King and Xivu Arath, God of War, Savathûn created her Throne World within the Ascendant realm using the power of her Worm symbiote and her own force of will. It served as a refuge for her soul should she ever be killed in battle, as well as a means of connecting the far corners of the Hive's dominion in the physical plane.

After the Hive's defeat of the civilization known as the Harmony, Savathûn flew her fleet of war moons into the black hole at the center of the Harmony's system, after which her Throne World became "distant" from those of her brother and sister.[1]

Following his defeat on Mars, Nokris was drawn to a simulated singularity of the High Court and made a pact with Savathûn, taking command of her Taken forces sent to the Cradle on Io. The fabricated version of Savathûn's Court would act as the staging ground for her interference against the Black Fleet and the Witness's communications with the Guardian.

Reforged in Light[edit]

After Savathûn's death and subsequent resurrection by her Ghost Immaru the Witch Queen retreated to her Throne World. There with the help of her brood Savathûn began reshaping her Throne World in the image of the Light, bringing to life huge ghostly cathedrals which rose from the dark swamps below.

However Savathûn's control of the Throne World was not absolute, the dark swamps where her Light had not touched became infested by the Scorn, who now served the Witness and its disciple Rhulk. Thus Savathûn's Throne World became a battleground, as the Hive and Scorn vied for control.


The inner workings of Savathûn's mind, brought to life within a mysterious throne world of her own making.

Savathûn's Throne World consists of three main public areas, each with a Lost Sector, five private areas accessible during Patrol, and a few more that can be accessed as part of Missions. The main enemy factions are the Hive's Lucent Brood and the Scorn. Throughout the destination, one can find clouds that can be interacted with using the power of Deepsight to reveal a number of secrets, sometimes including platforms that may be necessary to progress through an area.

The destination vendor is Fynch, located in the Quagmire. The destination's resource is Fundamental Osmium.



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