Queen's Bailey

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Queen's Bailey


Court of Savathûn

Enemy factions:

Lucent Brood

Connecting areas:

Florescent Canal
Temple of the Navigator


Area type:



Queen's Bailey is a location within the Court of Savathûn. It can be accessed through the Florescent Canal. The area mainly consists of a large, well maintained garden of red leaved trees and grass. One can go through a large door to reach an altar, with a smaller door leading to the area of the Temple of the Navigator. Passing under the large archway an up the stairs leads one towards the Florescent Canal. The outer bastion is full of cramped, dark corridors, rarely accessible.


When The Guardian first entered Savathûn Throne World from The Lure, they found themselves in the Queen's Bailey, from which they got expelled soon after.[1] They would return later, seeking to further understand the Throne World, and encountered the first sign of Deepsight, which guided them towards the Florescent Canal.[2]

The Guardian would pass through numerous times afterwards, seeking the Temple of the Navigator[3], and to ambush Hive Lightbearers in their quest to forge Exotic Glaives.[4]


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