Florescent Canal

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Florescent Canal
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Court of Savathûn

Enemy factions:

Lucent Brood

Hostile races:


Connecting areas:

Court of Thorns
Queen's Bailey


Area type:


Public Events:

Ether Ritual
Resonant Destruction
Witches' Ritual

Patrol beacons:



Florescent Canal is a region of Savathûn's Throne World. It is a part of Savathûn, the Witch Queen's fortress and frequently comes under assault by the Scorn seeking to destroy the Hive Goddess' holdings. A great reminder of their presence is the northern side of the Florescent Canal, near the Scorn-infested Miasma region, where the Scorn have seemingly tunneled under the walls of the Hive fortress and broken in. The Florescent Canal is the only region of the Throne World to be predominantly controlled by the Hive, as the Scorn control the Miasma, while the Quagmire is constantly fought over by the two factions.


The Guardian emerged into the Canal from the Queen's Bailey during their initial investigation of the Court of Savathûn. Through their Ghost, they followed a signal sent by a mysterious ally, but were blocked by a gate. They opened it while resisting a constant onslaught of Lucent Brood forces, and made their way towards the Quagmire[1]. Their mission wouldn't bring them back to the Canal until the final hour, when Savathûn attempted a ritual to move the Traveler into the Throne World. The Guardian fought through both the besieging Scorn and the defending Hive, before being stopped by Phry'zhia, the Insatiable. Ikora Rey intervened, dropping out of her Jumpship and dispatching the Ogre with a Nova Bomb, before using her Light to break open the entrance and allowing the Guardian to proceed into the Court of Thorns[2].


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