Ether Ritual

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Ether Ritual


Tangled Shore
Dreaming City
Savathûn's Throne World




Stop the Scorn's transfer of Dark Ether.


Ether Ritual is a Public Event that occurs in both Savathûn's Throne World and the Dreaming City. Prior to the vaulting of the Tangled Shore, this event also took place there. In this event, Guardians must stop the Scorn from completing a Dark Ether extraction from an Ether Harvester.


  • Eliminate all Dredge Chieftains.
    • Dredge Chieftains eliminated: X of 3.


Once the event begins, an Ether Harvester will appear in the area, with its three Emitters at a roughly equal distances away. Waves of Scorn led by a Dredge Chieftain will appear near the Emitters, one at a time, increasing in power. Once the Chieftain is defeated, clouds of Dark Ether will release from the Emitter and head to the Harvester. Once the Ether clouds from all three Emitters have been absorbed, an Ether Abomination will appear to collect, announced by a message. Killing the giant will complete the event.

Heroic Event - The Baron Returns/The Scorn Champion[edit]

If all the Ether clouds are shot out of the air before they reach the Harvester, the Heroic event will trigger. Instead of the Abomination, a giant Chieftain will appear, either the Reanimated Machinist or Ksimikaa the Painsmith. They have a massive amount of health, but no particular gimmicks, and can be shot down by simple concentrated fire. Once the boss is dead, the Heroic event will complete.



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