Dredge Chieftain

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Dredge Chieftain
Biographical information








Patrol Tangled Shore (formerly)
Patrol Dreaming City
Patrol Savathûn's Throne World

Combat information


SolarS.png Scorn Blaster
VoidS.png Scorn Rifle
ArcS.png Scorn Mine Launcher
VoidS.png Scorn Crossbow


Absorption Shield (SolarS.png or VoidS.png or ArcS.png)
Ether Totem (SolarS.png Ether Torch or VoidS.png Ether Shield or ArcS.png Ether Bind)
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Scorn Melee


Dredge Chieftains are Major Scorn Chieftains that appear as part of the Ether Ritual Public Event.[1] They can be found in both the Dreaming City[2] and Savathûn's Throne World,[3] as well as the Tangled Shore, when it was available as a Destination.[4]


Dredge Chieftains are encounter during the Ether Ritual Public Event when it is active. They will each spawn one at a time—one of each element—among other, weaker Scorn enemies. To progress the event, participants must eliminate three of these Chieftains before facing off against an Ether Abomination, serving as the boss. After a Chieftain is killed, the destroyed Servitor that they spawned next to will emit clouds of Concentrated Dark Ether, which will hover towards the larger Servitor in the middle of the ritual site. If you are successful in destroying all of these clouds as they appear, you will trigger the Heroic version of the event.

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