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Court of Savathûn

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Witch's Echo


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"So what is this place exactly?"
"A factory, you might call it. Built for the growth and facilitation of those like the very parasite you now hold.
Mara Sov explaining Harvest to Ghost

Harvest, also known as the Dark City, is a location within the Court of Savathûn. It is accessible during the Birthplace of the Vile Strike.


Despite being called the Dark City, Harvest actually is a factory, built by Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness to serve as a place for the growth and incubation of the Worms. Prior to Savathûn's rebirth in the Light, the factory benefitted her with endless worms for her brood.

Shortly after gaining the Light, Savathûn returned to her Throne World and tried to eradicate any presence of the Witness's Disciple, including within the factory. Knowing the potential power of the factory, Savathûn decided to not destroy the whole place, keeping a portion of it for any future use. This turned out to be an unwise decision as the Scorn, under the command of Heimiks, Warden of the Harvest, would enter the Throne World and transform the dark city into one of their footholds in the Throne World. However, not long after Heimiks' platoon set up shop in the factory, it would be raided by a fireteam of Guardians under the orders of Queen Mara Sov. In the ensuing brutal firefight, both Heimiks' entire platoon and Heimiks themself were utterly wiped out.


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