Witch's Echo

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Witch's Echo
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Court of Savathûn

Enemy factions:


Connecting areas:

Temple of the Wrathful
Harvest (mission)
Altar of Reflection (mission)

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Witch's Echo is a location within the Court of Savathûn. It consists of a series of dark caves hidden beneath the Miasma. The entrance to the Dark City of Harvest is found here. The Temple of the Wrathful can also be reached by passing through a lightless cave. In its dephts lies one of the portals that leads to the Altar of Reflection.


The Guardian sought to find a place where to see the memories connected to Sagira's Shell, and was pointed towards these caves by a tip from The Hidden. They navigated the labyrinthine corridors until they found the a portal, which led them to the Altar of Reflection.[1] They would return here a few times to make use of it. Queen Mara Sov would also instruct the Guardian to search for a way into the Dark City hidden within the caves.[2]



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