Altar of Reflection

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Altar of Reflection


Court of Savathûn, Ascendant Realm

Enemy factions:

Lucent Brood

Connecting areas:

Witch's Echo

Area type:

Private (mission)


Altar of Reflection is a location in the Court of Savathûn. It is accessed only through missions. The Altar is a dimension separated from the rest of the Throne World, where it is possible to unlock the memories connected to certain objects. Due to this power, it is protected by a number of illusions, as well as several garrisons and champions of the Lucent Brood.


Using their power of Deepsight, The Guardian sought to find a way to unlock the memories hidden behind the piece of the Tablets of Ruin. With the Vanguard's guidance, they found a portal to the Altar of Reflection in the Witch's Echo[1], which allowed them to see the memory and gain further insight on the plans of Savathûn, the Witch Queen.[2] However, this was also a ploy from the Queen of Lies, as she used the Guardian's viewings to recover her own pre-Rising memories.[3]

After the Witch Queen's plans were thwarted, the Altar would continue to find use, both by the agents of the Hidden and the Guardian, who discovered more entrance portals hidden in the Temple of the Wrathful, the Extraction and the Sepulcher.[4]

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