Altars of Reflection

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Altars of Reflection are a collection of missions that released alongside the The Witch Queen and are playable through and after the campaign. The missions follow The Guardian bringing a piece of Savathûn, the Witch Queen's past to study in the Altar of Reflection in order to glean insight into Savathûn's plans. There are four missions, three of which are unlocked through the campaign with the fourth unlocked via the Evidence Board. After the initial completion of each mission, they become re-playable, with two chosen on rotation every week.


Altars of reflection differ slightly in their specifics, but have roughly the same structure.

Beginning Puzzles[edit]

Upon loading into one of the mission, the player will be presented with one of two puzzles.

The Symbols puzzles presents them with a series of runes. The player has to find the three odd runes of the group. After the first set of runes in the central circle, more will appear on the side dais.

The Cursed Pools puzzle presents the player with a combination of runes, and four pools around the central circle. Running through the pools in the correct order solves the puzzle. After solving the first combination, more pools will appear scattered across the area, with a new combination to be entered.

Combat Section[edit]

After solving the puzzle, a large door will open, and proceeding within will bring the player into an area with enemies. Attacking the kneeling Acolytes begins the encounter, calling forth an Ultra and a Lucent Archivist Lightbearer Hive. Defeating the boss will cause all remaining enemies to retreat to the exit door. Defeating all the enemies completes the section.

Viewing the Memory[edit]

The player can now reach the center of the Altar, where they can present the memory catalyst and view one of Savathûn's recorded messages. After the message ends, the mission is completed.

List of Altars[edit]