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Deep Dive


Destiny 2


Season of the Deep






Collect Golden Age salvage from the shallows of the Kraken Mare for Drifter.


Deep Dive is an activity introduced with Season of the Deep.


With the return of Titan, the Vanguard recovered its Deputy Commander, Sloane, as well as her new ally: the fugitive Worm Ahsa, who Sloane has established a link with. In order to strengthen this connection and allow Ahsa to speak with them, Fireteams are sent into the depths of the methane sea to recover patches of the mind-linking fungus Egregore, which grows there in coral form. But the forces of Xivu Arath, God of War lurk beneath the waves, ready to jump onto unsuspecting Guardians.


Deep Dive is a three-person activity accessed from the H.E.L.M. Matchmade and non-matchmade modes are available. Teams will have to navigate corridors submerged in methane, using bubbles on the way to restore their pressure and avoid getting crushed. Eventually, they will reach the Mesopelagic Twilight, where the first encounter will take place. Completing this encounter within the time limit will allow the fireteam to move on to the Bathypelagic Midnight, and then to the Abyssopelagic Abyss, with increasing power difference and one added Modifier. Beating the Abyss encounter or failing any encounter will pull the fireteam into the Asphyxiator's Hollow, where they will fight the final boss and will be allowed to open a chest upon its defeat, whose contents improve the more encounters have been beaten.

There are several different encounters, which can have small variations based on the enemy race taking part in them, either the Hive, Taken or Fallen.

Ahsa's Gift[edit]

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Before beginning the dive into any depth, players will be allowed to choose one of two "gifts" from the Worm. These are represented by a small dripping ball of Taken-like energy. The gifts can range from protection against an enemy rank to increasing the damage and recharge of abilities. Gifts are permanent until the end of the activity.

Wrathful Predators[edit]

During any of the depth encounters, glowing enemies called Wrathful Predators will appear. Defeating these foes will add 15 seconds to the encounter's timer.

Pressure Trial[edit]

When an encounter begins, a small Taken ball called a Lure will appear floating somewhere in the area. If all fireteam members interact with this ball, a secondary objective will activate. Completing this objective begins a Pressure Trial, which will add more enemies and extra objectives to the encounter. Completing a Pressure Trial rewards extra coral, and improves the final chest's rewards by one tier. Thus, to get to the maximum tier of 7, a fireteam needs to complete all Pressure Trials.

The Whetstone[edit]

In the areas between and within the Twilight and Midnight, one can find three Hive statues. If a player has acquired all three planet-exclusive Exotic Fish, they can place them in each statue to activate a special encounter in the Bathypelagic Midnight. After completing the encounter there, the players can enter a door to the side that leads to the Wrathborn Sink. Navigating this area will bring them to fight several Taken led by Khull, Executioner Knight.

After Khull is made to retreat, all the Gifts they had acquired will deactivate, though the weekly modifiers remain, and a ten minute timer will begin counting down. Players must defeat Khull in order to progress to the next area, where they must once again fight several Taken, now led by a Tormentor named Omen, Blade of the Black Terrace. Completing this secret encounter awards players the Wicked Implement Exotic Scout Rifle, as well as a Triumph. Finding all the seven Pyramid Spikes hidden in the labyrinth awards another Triumph.

Unique Enemies[edit]



Legendary weapons and armor can be obtained randomly by completing matches of Salvage, Deep Dives, and rank-up packages. They also can be focused at H.E.L.M. for the price of a Deep Engram, Legendary Shards, and None Glimmer. Using a Deep Dive Key on the bonus chest grants a chance at better rewards, including high-stat seasonal armor and Exotic armor pieces.

Exotic Catalysts
  • Wicked Implement Catalyst (Tier 7 completion)


  • Several of the enemies encountered in the activity have seemingly erroneous names:

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