Pyramid Spike

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A Pyramid Spike in the Court of Savathûn

Pyramid Spikes are objects affiliated with the Pyramids.[1]


Spikes are relatively small objects with a spindle-like shape. They are comprised of several quadrangular prism shapes made of the same black material of the Pyramids. These shapes spin into and out of each other, with yellow-orange resonant energy shining from within.

Pyramid Spikes appear prominently in the Court of Savathûn, where the Scorn use them as part of their efforts to establish footholds in the Light drenched areas of the Throne World, often in conjunction with other pieces of technology, like the Crux of Darkness and Resonant Splinter. They are also used by the Shadow Legion in many of their operations and contraptions.


Destroying the Spikes is often part of the progress of an activity, like in the Resonant Destruction Public Event or the Defend version of The Wellspring. They are fairly resilient, but will still go down in less than a magazine of an average primary weapon.

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