Dust Palace

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Dust Palace
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Enemy Factions:

Sand Eaters

Connecting Areas:

The Hollows

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The Dust Palace is an ancient human skyscraper located in Freehold on Mars,[1] dating back to the Golden Age. It was owned by Clovis Bray. After the Collapse, it was taken by the Cabal, and resides in the Exclusion Zone,[2] buried under the shifting dunes of Mars.[1] Over the years there were several incursions by Guardians into the Dust Palace. The last was in search of information on SIVA, fighting through the Siege Dancers who controlled it.

Points of Interest[edit]


During pre-alpha, the Dust Palace had a chamber known as "Charlemagne's Vault" that would have contained the Warmind Charlemagne and the Thorn hand cannon.[2] The Vault is nowhere to be found in the final version of the Dust Palace, and Thorn is acquired via an exotic weapon bounty.


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