Virgo Prohibition

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Virgo Prohibition
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Draw out Cabal Strength
Protect entrance to the Black Garden.

Axis Minds:

Prohibitive Mind
Vekron, the Conductive Mind

At war with:

The Reef
Sand Eaters
Dust Giants
Siege Dancers
Blind Legion
Red Legion (implied)

Allied with:

Sol Divisive
Sol Progeny
Hezen Protective
Aphix Invasive




The Virgo Prohibition is a Vex programming collective situated on Mars. Prohibition units can be identified by their dark, metallic-blue frames.[1]



The Virgo Prohibition were tasked on Mars with protecting a entrance to the Black Garden in the Valley of the Kings. They would engage in conflict with the Cabal, when the humanoid species arrived on Mars after the Collapse.

A Guardian Rises

When the Guardian arrived at the Exclusion Zone on Mars to search for the Black Garden, the Virgo Prohibition were waring with the different Cabal Legions for supremacy. The Guardian would successfully secure the Cabal’s research into the Vex Spire. They would later summon Transfer Gates to return to the Black Garden, however the Guardian would arrive, destroying their portals and the Axis Mind, Prohibitive Mind. Later the Guardian would make their way to the portal to enter the Black Garden, despite the Prohibition’s attempts to defend the portal, they failed, and the Guardian would enter the Garden and destroy the Black Heart.

Taken War

During the Taken War, Ikora Rey would help guide Guardians to become Stormcallers. Guardians would confront and bring an end to Vekron, the Conductive Mind. Later, when the Guardians entered the Black Garden to destroy the Groundskeeper, the Prohibition would enter the Garden alongside the Descendants in an attempt to defend it. Despite their efforts they would be bested by the Guardians and the Groundskeeper would be destroyed.

Red War

During the Red War, the Vex would inform Ghost that the Virgo Prohibition were, in fact, incorrectly programmed for their task on Mars - indicating that the Prohibition has not been losing against the Cabal as part of a deeper strategic play.[2] The gate to the Black Garden along with Bastion fell to the Red Legion and the Prohibition were ultimately utterly forced to abandon Mars.


This aggressive and relentless Vex Collective is in constant conflict with the Cabal, repeatedly testing the Cabal's Exclusion Zone without regard to their own losses. In spite of the Vex onslaught, the Cabal have managed to expand their Exclusion Zone and control several Vex structures. The Virgo Prohibition's tactics seem to be failing in the short run but due to the nature of the Vex, it is possible that the Virgo Prohibition is simply drawing out the Cabal's strength (as evidenced at Bastion[3]) and that their losses could be a distraction from a deeper strategic ploy, as it seems unlikely that such an intellect as the Vex could be dragged into a losing war of attrition.[4] Recent events have borne this out as the Prohibition began appearing in greater number in Meridian Bay to protect the Black Garden.[5]

The ultimate goals of this programming remain a mystery but Ikora Rey proposes Vex units can best be described as algorithms, and that the Virgo Prohibition may be the wrong algorithm for the environment, leading to the idea that continued losses will drive the greater Vex network to adapt and improve.[4]

Notable members

Axis Minds

Notable Minotaurs

Unique Forces



  • Praetorians are a part of this Collective, which is unusual because Praetorians are encountered exclusively on Venus and defending the Vault of Glass. It could be because of the timeless nature of both the Vault and the Black Garden that is the result of this.[6]

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