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Oracles are a Vex unit found in the Vault of Glass.[1]


Together with the Templar, Oracles guard the way into the deeper Vault. According to legends, Oracles foresee what is to come, a world as the Vex desire it - and the Templar has the power to shape reality to match the Oracles' design, expunging any threats.[2]


Unlike normal enemies, they do not attack directly, but they are still very dangerous. They appear as glowing cubes of strange particle energy hovering stationary in place.

There appear to be three types of Oracles: yellow, which appear during the fight with the Templar; red, which appear during the fight with Atheon, Time's Conflux; and green, which appear during the fight with Morphon, Blighted Mind. The yellow Oracles cast a debuff called "Mark of Negation", which they cast on the entire party unless they are killed quickly. The debuff will kill anyone who still possess it when the Templar casts "Ritual of Negation." The red Oracles will simply kill the party outright with an ability called "Prophecy of Doom" if not destroyed in time. However, killing them all will grant the fireteam a buff called "Time's Vengeance", doing bonus damage against Atheon.[3]

Green Oracles are periodically summoned by Morphon, Blighted Mind, who will emit a signature warbling tune used by the Templar before creating one. These Oracles, instead of wiping Guardians after a certain time-limit, cast an invincible shield about Morphon, making it immune to all forms of damage; they must be destroyed before Morphon can be damaged. Destroying them temporarily stuns Morphon. This is repeated three times.

Oracles also appear during The Whisper event on Io, where you must kill them in a certain order, receiving a blueprint for an exotic ship afterward.

Oracle count

  • In the Templar's fight there are a total of thirty-nine Oracles. Two waves of three, two waves of five, two waves of seven, and one wave of nine.
  • In the Atheon fight there are a total of fourteen Oracles, seven in each location Guardians are teleported to. Because of the amount of times it takes to kill Atheon per encounter an exact number is not possible. There is also a fifteenth Oracle that spawns when a Praetorian captures a Plate.
  • In Wolves' Gambit there are a total of six Oracles.
  • There are between three to four Oracles guarding Morphon, Blighted Mind each time. Depending on how many times it takes to defeat Morphon per encounter, an exact number is not possible.
  • In Vex Offensive there is a total of 18 Oracles. 6 in the first round, and 12 in the second.
  • Beginning in Season of the Hunt, Oracles are present in the Last Wish.


  • The House of Wolves were able to take control of the Oracles during their invasion of the Vault of Glass, suggesting that they may be more of a weapon than a proper Vex intelligence.[4]
  • Oracles seen in Vex Offensive are purple and diamond shaped rather than yellow cubes.


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