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Compelled Collective


The Conductor

At war with:

House of Dusk
Shadow Legion
House of Salvation


Upheaval on Nessus


The Compelled Collective is a recently discovered Vex programming subtype found on Nessus following the death of the Witness.


Not much is currently known about these particular Vex. However, what is known is that the Compelled Collective first appeared not long after a mysterious paracausal object broke off from the Traveler after the death of the Witness and crashed on Nessus. Almost immediately after, the Vex on Nessus began to change and exhibit strange behaviors as confirmed by Guardians patrolling Nessus. All members of this collective act very differently from other collectives, ranging from lesser frames speaking to each other, a Hobgoblin waving at a Guardian before it was destroyed, or even fighting against Vex from other collectives.[1] Furthermore, unlike other Vex Collectives, the Compelled Collective are smart enough to know when to retreat when faced with suppressing fire. A tactic usually seen in Guardians, Fallen, or Cabal, and not normally seen in other Vex.[2]

Later, Saint-14 went down to Nessus to conduct his own investigation down in the Well of Flame, where the Vex allowed him to pass peacefully. There, he encountered what appeared to be the leader of the Compelled Collective that called itself the Conductor, who told him that he was a facsimile of the real Saint-14 who died long ago, and tried to take control of his mind. Saint almost succumbed to the Conductor's influence, but thankfully, the Guardian and Ikora arrived at his position and managed to snap him out of his trance, though Saint remained shaken by the Conductor's words.[2]


While maintaining the same structure as other collectives, they have an unknown leader that looks very humanoid in appearance.

In addition, they are separated into two main groups: the Compelled Vex, seemingly made from local Nessian Vex with silica-colored yokes, and the Choral Vex, which are comprised of Precursors and seem to be higher-ranking members within the Collective. A Guardian observed a group of Sol Collective goblins being led by a Precursor vex unit as they marched in military formation.[1] Furthermore, it appears that the majority of Vex Minds within the Collective bear Precursor Vex frames.







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