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Rathmore Chaos, Europa

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House of Salvation

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Glassway was the location of a massive Vex gateway beneath the surface of Europa constructed by Clovis Bray I in order to gather Radiolaria and study 2082 Volantis on the other side of the gate. The connection between the Glassway and the Deep Stone Crypt was also a key component in the manufacturing and reincarnation of Exos.

The Vex eventually invaded Europa through the Glassway and slaughtered most of the human colonists at Eventide, with the invasion only being halted by the efforts of Elisabeth Bray and Clovis-1. The Glassway remained sealed for centuries until the meddling of Eramis, Kell of Darkness resulted in it being reopened an a renewed Vex assault on the world began.


Clovis Bray's Experiments[edit]

Clovis Bray I was compelled to build the Glassway through interactions with Clarity Control to solve the issues he was having with the creation of stable Exos. After executing a raid upon the Ishtar Collective to steal one of their captive Vex, Clovis I unleashed the construct in the tunnels beneath Europa to construct the gate for him and his research team.[1]

House of Salvation[edit]

During the War of Salvation, Eramis, Kell of Darkness became desperate to defeat the Guardians and sought to unlock the secrets of the Deep Stone Crypt, which required harvesting massive amounts of Radiolaria. She led her forces in an assault on the Glassway, which the Young Wolf and Variks, the Loyal desperately sought to stop as it risked unleashing a Vex invasion on the world once more, which would threaten the Eliksni city of Riis-Reborn. The Young Wolf fought through the forces of House Salvation, but was ultimately tricked by Eramis into draining the Radiolaria for her and reactivating the gateway, which unleashed Belmon, Transcendent Mind and its forces once more upon Europa.[2]

Following the defeat of Eramis, the Young Wolf would return frequently to the Glassway at the behest of Elsie Bray to stem the flow of Vex emerging from the gateway. Elsie sought to find a more permanent method of halting the invasion once more, but had to rely on the Guardian in the meantime to ensure that Belmon would not escape onto the surface of Europa.[2]

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