War of Salvation

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Arrival of the Black Fleet


Hunt for the Wrathborn

War of Salvation









House of Judgment:

Clovis Bray Corporation:

House of Salvation:

House of Devils:

Sol Collective:



Clovis Bray Corporation:

  • Dozens of Frames
  • Orbital and surface defensive installations

House of Salvation:

  • Countless Fallen
  • Hundreds of Brigs

Sol Collective:

  • Countless Vex platforms
  • Dozens of Guardians
  • Several defecting Fallen soldiers
  • Entire Dark Council
  • Thousands of Fallen
  • Belmon, Transcendent Mind
  • Thousands of Vex platforms destroyed

"Chains! For centuries we have been bound by them. Servants to the so-called "Great" Machine. We even built idols in its image. We have become pawns to our own devices. No. Longer. Today... we begin breaking free from our chains. This power is a gift. One of which I will share with all of you in time. One by one, we will rise again. This is our future! Our enemies stand no chance against this power. The Great Machine will finally know our pain!"
— Eramis, Kell of Darkness.

The War of Salvation was a conflict between the Vanguard and Human-aligned Eliksni houses against the Fallen empire House of Salvation. Each side began using the Darkness during the war to gain an advantage over their opposition.



The roots of the War of Salvation would be found in the aftermath of the Scorn breakout from the Prison of Elders. The House of Judgement scribe, Variks, who had proved a reliable ally to the Guardians and the Reefborn Awoken, ultimately wished for the means to give his people a second chance at living in peace after seeing the myriad Fallen Houses suffer catastrophic defeat and humiliating failures at the hands of the Guardians, in their misguided ambition to claim the Traveler hovering over the Last City. Wanting to do something about the state of his people but knowing he can't do so while under the careful watch of his Awoken handlers, Variks conducted an elaborate diversion to provide himself the means to escape the Reef and gather those who wish to better their people. His diversion would be to cause a malfunction that would lead to a shutdown in the Prison of Elders' security systems, leading to Cayde-6's fatal encounter with the Scorned Barons and their leader, renegade Awoken Prince Uldren Sov.

His diversion worked as intended, as the malfunction caused nearly all the prison cells to open, leading to a massive breakout. Needing aid to contain the breakout, Petra Venj called for Cayde-6 and The Guardian, who managed to reset the security systems and prevented the majority of the prisoners from escaping. However, the Scorn Barons and Uldren managed to escape their cells and were close to exiting the prison. Cayde-6 would attempt to prevent this but would find himself surrounded by the Scorn. Despite the Hunter Vanguard's efforts, he was badly beaten and his Ghost, Sundance, would be destroyed, leaving him Lightless. Defiant to the end, Cayde-6 was nonetheless executed by Uldren Sov with his own weapon before either The Guardian or Petra could arrive to help him.

The Guardian and the Vanguard would learn of Variks' role in the Scorn Breakout, leaving them feeling betrayed and marking Variks as equally responsible alongside Uldren for Cayde-6's death. Though they heard rumors of Variks' movements, their efforts to find him would prove fruitless.

During the chaos of the breakout, Variks gathered supplies and ultimately met with an old acquaintance, Eramis, the Shipstealer of the House of Devils, who likewise sought the goal of restoring the Eliksni people to greatness. Despite the bitterness between them, Eramis agreed to ally with Variks, as he still kept the history and customs of the House of Judgement. Believing that Eramis was the leader the Eliksni needed to unite and survive, Variks threw in his lot with her and her group of allies. Though Eramis originally sought to restore the House of Devils, through her failed heist of the Old Tower thanks to the efforts of Mithrax and the Guardians, she abandoned those plans to build a new House where all were welcomed to join and build a new home for themselves in the Sol System. Many of the crumbling Houses would flock to Eramis' call on the frozen world of Europa, where they managed to build a settlement called Riis-Reborn, upon the ruins of the Golden Age colony of Eventide. This new house would call itself the House of Salvation.

However, Variks would notice a dark change in Eramis following the arrival of the Black Fleet in the Sol System, which led to the disappearance of some of the worlds in the system. One Pyramid, however, would remain hovering over Europa, and it left many Darkness related structures throughout the surrounding area. Eramis would even manage to access one of these structures and be granted the power of Stasis, an ice-like element of will and control that slows, detains and shatters, she began to share with her lieutenants. Worse, and to Variks' dismay, Eramis gave in to her hatred towards the Traveler for abandoning her people during the Whirlwind, leaving them with nothing. With Stasis at her command, Eramis, calling herself the Kell of Darkness, turned the dream of creating a new home for the Eliksni into an opportunity to build an empire for herself and her followers, with the full intent on making the Great Machine feel the pain the Fallen had endured.

Disappointed and angry at Eramis, Variks would abandon the House of Salvation, stealing a Splinter of Darkness from Eramis, fleeing across Europa. The scribe evaded the Dark Kell and her hunters for as long as he could before being tracked down.

Hunt for the Traitor Variks[edit]

"My friends. We are all in great danger. Earth, the Great Machine, Eliksni... and Human. Darkness walks among us. We are all in great danger. My kind must survive. Please... send help... There is not much time."
— Variks' distress call.

Variks became aware that he was close to being cornered by Eramis and her House, leaving him with little room for maneuver. Managing to find a relay station at Charon's Crossing, Variks grew desperate enough to send out a distress signal to the Guardians, wishing for their aid in combating the House of Salvation and Eramis. However, unknown to Variks, the Exo Stranger would steal the Splinter he had brought with him but before he could do anything, Eramis would catch up and corner him as he finished his message. Variks would then find himself tortured by an enraged Eramis who used Stasis to encase half of his body. Though Variks tried to reason with Eramis, the Dark Kell would not listen, denouncing the scribe a traitor and a thief. Eramis demanded the return of the Splinter he had stolen but Variks merely replied that it was safe from her.

Variks on the run.

The Guardian, who had been surveying the Pyramid on Europa after being "called" by the Darkness, would hear Variks' distress signal and work their way to him, encountering the House of Salvation Fallen for the first time. As the Guardian neared, Variks made one last plea to his old friend but once again, Eramis ignored him, claiming that he can cling to the Great Machine, while the Fallen, with the power of Stasis, will make their own fate. Before leaving, Eramis ordered her troops to make an example of him. The Guardian arrived just in time before the Salvation Fallen could execute Variks, freeing him from his Stasis confinement. However, Eramis ordered her forces to surround the station, not wanting Variks to leave alive. Still demanding answers from Variks, the scribe tells them that once they have dealt with the incoming forces, he will tell them everything.

The Guardian succeeded in eliminating the Salvation forces, leaving Variks grateful, but the Guardian reminds him that they still want answers. Acknowledging this and aware that they no longer trust him, Variks asks the Guardian to set aside their distrust for him, telling them of the threat that Eramis poses and of her intent on building an army of Fallen powered by the Darkness. If she succeeds, then not even the Guardians will be able to stop her.

The Dark Kell[edit]

"Attention all pawns of the once "Great Machine": Did you know that before it doomed your kind, it did the same for mine? You are not special. Just a plaything of a so-called god who would sooner see your life end than its own."
— Eramis' message to the Guardians.

Despite their distrust towards Variks for his role in Cayde's death, the Guardian heeds his words and begins searching for Eramis, with Variks informing them of the power that Eramis possesses: Stasis. Variks states that Europa was supposed to be a chance for the Eliksni to live in peace but after communing with the Pyramid and being granted Stasis, Eramis was led astray, claiming that the dark gift corrupted her, leading Variks to believe that Eramis had become a threat to his people. Though the Guardian and Ghost question why he came to Europa, Variks is aware of their resentment towards his part in Cayde-6's death, claiming that was not his intent and bears a great deal of regret for the Hunter Vanguard's demise. Variks states he will answer for his crimes but not before his people can be saved from Eramis.

Tracking Eramis to the ruins of Eventide, the Guardian would manage to enter the Eliksni settlement, Riis-Reborn, which was supposed to be a pinnacle of hope for the Fallen. Variks would remark that the settlement now stood as a testament to Eramis' betrayal towards him. Despite the Salvation Fallen's efforts, the Guardian would push deeper into Riis-Reborn but would have to find an alternate way to reach Eramis after finding the main paths locked through the use of Stasis.

The Guardian would find Eramis making a grand speech to her followers, showcasing the power of Stasis and its potential. Granting the power of Stasis, through Splinters, to her closest lieutenants, Eramis claims that with this power the Fallen can at last claim vengeance against the Traveler for abandoning their kind centuries ago, stirring the gathered Fallen into a roaring applause. However, Eramis would notice the Guardian eavesdropping, calling on her forces to kill them. Aware that the Fallen's Stasis powers are too great, the Guardian escapes Riis-Reborn despite the efforts of Eramis' lieutenants.

Claiming Stasis[edit]

Returning to Variks, the scribe would tell them of his former alliance with Eramis, lamenting that he once believed that she wished to start a new life for the Eliksni but her mind would be poisoned by the use of Stasis. Informing the Guardian that not all Fallen follow Eramis and still worship the Great Machine but are currently in hiding, Variks, wanting to help his people, asks the Guardian to aid him in setting up a comms network to communicate with his allies and prepare for evacuation. After witnessing Eramis' Stasis powers first hand, the Guardian agrees. As they began setting the relays, the Guardian and their Ghost would hear voices, similar to the ones who spoke through Ghost previously. As they set up the final relay, a Crux of Darkness appeared, beckoning them. Communing with the Crux, the Darkness spoke through their Ghost, beckoning them to follow a path that will lead them to a gift.

The Exo Stranger, Eris Morn and The Drifter arrive.

Following the path, the Guardian would find a clearing, Beyond, and see a Pyramid structure forming. A force of Salvation Fallen drew near but would encounter Eris Morn, The Drifter and the Exo Stranger barring their way. With the Guardian witnessing the battle, the three figures used Stasis themselves against the Fallen to devastating effect, eliminating all opposition.

Meeting with the trio at a nearby campsite, the Exo Stranger explains that she had the Guardian destroy the Black Heart in an attempt to forestall the Darkness' arrival but now that it is here, she claims that with Stasis, they can hit their enemies where the Light cannot. Stating that their resilience in the Pyramids is proof that they are ready, she asks the Guardian to head to the formed structure, the Ziggurat, to accept the gift the Darkness is offering. As the first step in their training, the Exo Stranger gives the Guardian a Splinter of Darkness, instructing them to attune it to the Ziggurat. Despite Ghost being wary of this plan, the Guardian did as the Exo Stranger instructed, attuning their Splinter and heading towards another Crux to commune with found in Nexus, a Vex controlled area. As they neared the Crux, they picked up a transmission from Eramis who denounced the Guardians as pawns to the Great Machine, informing them that the Traveler will doom their kind as it did the Eliksni. That it would sooner see other lives die than its own. Despite Eramis' rants, the Guardian proceeded towards the Crux, communing with it, granting them the power of Stasis for a moment.

Elimination of the Dark Council[edit]

Returning to Variks after claiming a portion of Stasis, the scribe would voice his displeasure at the Guardian wielding it. He understands that they seek to battle Eramis with her own weapons, but refuses to believe that it is the only way to stop Eramis. Nonetheless acknowledging that the Guardian's path is their's to walk, Variks directs the Guardian to dismantle Eramis' powerbase, beginning with Phylaks, the Warrior, described as the Dark Kell's most skilled warrior who made her name at Twilight Gap and now leads her army. To draw her out, Variks advises the Guardian to prove themselves a worthy opponent by eliminating Phylaks' soldiers in the Eventide Ruins after learning from his communication network that Phylaks was ordered to claim an area currently occupied by the Vex.

Phylaks, the Warrior.

After taking out Salvation Fallen tasked with hunting defectors and setting up an ambush within the Eventide Ruins, the Guardian collected enough intel, learning that Phylaks had sent platoons to patrol the Asterion Abyss. Killing these platoons drew out Phylaks commander, Elenaks, allowing the Guardian to slay them. This act caught Phylaks' attention, who transmitted her location to the Guardian with Variks advising them to be cautious as Phylaks earned fame at Twilight Gap for her ruthlessness. Tracking the transmission to Nexus, to the Well of Infinitude, the Guardian would confront Phylaks but despite her brute strength, cruel taunts, use of Stasis and even using Vex tech, the Guardian managed to slay her with their own use of Stasis, claiming her Splinter in the process. Without their general, Variks believes that her warriors will now scatter, but this act wouldn't destroy the House of Salvation's army yet.

Bringing Phylak's Splinter to the Exo Stranger, who is thrilled that the Guardian has accepted the power of Stasis, she informs them that the Darkness can be used as a tool to build a better world if one does not fall into obsessing over their desires. She further instructs the Guardian to claim the other Splinters in Eramis' hands after attuning the one they claimed.

After communing with another Crux of Darkness found in the Clovis Bray Exoscience labs, strengthening their connection to Stasis, the Guardian returned to Variks to plan their next move. Acknowledging that the Guardian is different than Eramis when wielding Stasis, as they didn't allow it to corrupt them as it did to the Kell of Darkness, Variks states their next target is Praksis, the Technocrat, the visionary mind behind the House of Salvation's technology, wringing power from the Darkness itself. He further revealed that in the Prison of Elders, they had shared a neighboring cell with Eramis, and they shared dreams of a new world for the Eliksni. Not privy as to how Praksis was able to control the Darkness through his technology, Variks tasks the Guardian to go after them, as he believes that should Praksis be defeated, then Eramis' plans will come to a halt. Understanding that Praksis is studying the Vex, Variks stated that if the Guardian disrupted his experiments, then it would surely get Praksis' attention.

Praksis, the Technocrat.

After thwarting Praksis' latest experiments with a Vex Conflux at Cadmus Ridge, a Servitor Praksis sent to protect the Conflux that was destroyed bore a signal that allowed the Guardian to locate the Technocrat. Tracking Praksis to the Bray Exoscience Labs, the Technocrat would unleash his machines upon the Guardian as a way to "test" his creations. Despite his machines and reinforcements, his experiments failed to kill the Guardian, embarrassing Praksis. Proceeding deeper into the labs, to the Eternity chamber, the Guardian confronted Praksis. Using his technology to create powerful shield generators to protect himself, Praksis proved a dangerous foe along with his use of Stasis. Against the odds of his technology, reinforcements and use of Stasis, the Guardian used their own abilities of Stasis to defeat Praksis, claiming his Splinter of Darkness.

Pleased with this, Variks believed that without Phylaks and Praksis, Eramis would grow reckless and careless, struggling to control the Dark power she possessed. In that, it would be the perfect time for the Guardian to strike. True to Variks' predictions, Eramis became furious at the loss of Phylaks and Eramis, immediately desiring to retaliate against the Guardian. Ordering Atraks to return to the Deep Stone Crypt and prepare the "body", Eramis claimed that she and Kridis could handle the Guardian. Kridis addresses her Kell, advising that they should take caution, stating that their newfound powers are more than they thought, but Eramis rebukes the wisdom of caution, fully desiring to grant destruction to the Guardian.

Taking Praksis' Splinter to the Exo Stranger's campsite, the Guardian would find, to their surprise, Commander Zavala. He had come to Europa, informing them that the Vanguard had kept an eye on Eramis. He confirmed that the Guardian had clearly disrupted the Dark Kell's operations and now she had fled to the Cosmodrome on Earth, leading Zavala to suspect she is planning on looting old House of Devils hideouts, a sign that showed Eramis was growing desperate. Therefore, Zavala ordered the Guardian to travel to the Cosmodrome to find out what Eramis' plan was. Before that, the Vanguard Commander expressed his discomfort in the Guardian's usage of Stasis despite understanding the tactic of "fighting fire with fire".

Traveling to Earth as ordered, the Guardian met with Shaw Han, who informed them that Eramis is looking to recruit her old comrades from what is left of the House of Devils, desperate enough to do so in person. Intel also stated that Eramis brought along a trusted sergeant, Bakris, the Adamantine and empowered her with Stasis to demonstrate the powers that are at her disposal. Knowing they must eliminate Bakris before the Devils follow through with the plan to relocate to Europa, the Guardian searched through an old factory complex and located Bakris as she was loading a large supply of Spider Tanks. Using their abilities of Stasis, the Guardian managed to slay Bakris, denying Eramis the reinforcements she needed. Informing Variks of their success, the scribe, in turn, informed them that Eramis is infuriated at the Guardian's intervention and now she sought to gain another form of reinforcement through the Vex. Eramis aimed to use a portal built by Clovis Bray that would lead her directly to a world controlled by the Vex. However, doing so would threaten all life on Europa.

Racing back to Europa to stop Eramis, the Guardian delved deep into the Asterion Abyss with Variks getting into a heated argument with Eramis as he tried to appeal to her rationality, but the Kell of Darkness rebuffed all of his efforts. Despite heavy Salvation Fallen blocking their way, the Guardian managed to reach Eramis at the Glassway but are too late to stop her from activating the portal, leading Variks to believe that Eramis had truly gone mad and had become a monster despite her claims that she cared for her people. With the portal activated, the Vex Mind, Belmon, Transcendent Mind, emerged, threatening Europa with a flood of Vex pouring through the portal. To shut down the portal, the Guardian battled with the Transcendent Mind and managed to destroy it, closing the portal. However, they noticed that all the radiolarian fluid in the area had been drained to an unknown location, leading a horrified Variks to wonder what Eramis had done.

Returning to the Exo Stranger, the Guardian is informed that while Darkness can act like a parasite that can turn a noble desire into something horrible until one becomes that which the Darkness wants them to be, she nonetheless believed that within everyone therein lies the strength to control the Darkness. Instructing them to attune the Splinter they gained from Praksis, the Exo Stranger tasks them to commune with another Crux of Darkness at the Riis-Reborn Approach, ironically found in the same chamber where Eramis first made her speech to her followers. After completing the communion, the Guardian's Stasis abilities reached a new height, allowing them the strength they needed to confront the Kell of Darkness.

Fall of the Kell of Darkness[edit]

"The only thing we have to break — is you."
Come then pawn. Show me what freedom has given you.
— The Guardian and Eramis before they're final clash.

Regrouping with Variks, the scribe somberly came to the realization that Eramis may have once wished to help their people but had allowed her anger to poison that intent and was now a danger to the Eliksni. As Variks states, she cannot save the Eliksni and they cannot save Eramis. Nevertheless, Variks resolved to save as many of his people from Eramis as he could, and give them the second chance they were originally promised.

Due to Eramis' actions at Nexus, the Vex made their way towards Riis-Reborn, leading Variks to plan an evacuation of the city. Further, he stated that his allies were carrying something of great importance to the House of Light, though Variks couldn't provide any details on the item as his allies swore him to secrecy. Asking the Guardian to protect the fleeing Eliksni as they depart Europa, once the task was done, the way to confront the Kell of Darkness would become clear. Agreeing to the request, the Guardian would head to the Eventide Ruins and helped the Skiffs carrying the refugees evacuate, protecting them from Eramis' forces, with the Kell of Darkness denouncing the fleeing Eliksni as traitors, unworthy of her empire. Variks directed the refugees towards the House of Light and it's Kell, Mithrax.

Eramis making her last stand.

With his allies safe from Europa, the Guardian now began the hunt for Eramis, leading them to reenter Riis-Reborn once more. As they did so, Variks would get into another tense argument with Eramis who justified the acts she had taken for the sake of claiming retribution against the Great Machine and how it led them to become "Fallen". As the Guardian reached further into Riis-Reborn, they found the Vex had already begun to invade the settlement, forcing the House of Salvation to go on the defensive. Taking advantage of this, the Guardian was able to fight past both forces and proceed deeper into Eramis' fortress. Variks finally released his anger towards Eramis, proclaiming that she is wrong about him and the Eliksni, that upon her act on releasing the Vex, she is the real coward. Infuriated, Eramis silenced Variks over the comms as the Guardian breached past her defenders to enter her command center.

Finally confronting Eramis face-to-face, the Guardian battled with the Kell of Darkness and her Stasis abilities. Though the Guardian put up a fight with their Light, Eramis managed to encase them in a Stasis prison, disabling their Ghost in the process and destroying their Splinter as well, leaving them without the Light or the Dark. However, remembering the Exo Stranger's words, the Guardian looked within themselves and focused, allowing them to break free and fully control their Stasis powers, sending Eramis reeling. Furious at the Guardian's abilities to control Stasis, Eramis battled with them once more, unleashing the full force of her own Stasis powers and calling upon the aid of her closest forces. Despite this, the Guardian defeated Eramis, subduing her, but the Kell of Darkness refused to let it end with her defeat. As she struggled to stand, she found her own Stasis encasing her body, much to her shock. Ultimately, the Kell of Darkness would be consumed by the power she sought to claim, rendering her nothing but a statue of Stasis reaching out towards the Pyramid, leaving the House of Salvation without their leader.

Taking Eramis' Splinter of Darkness with them to the Ziggurat, the Guardian is then able to enter into the Pyramid and fully unlock their Stasis abilities, allowing them to freely use them at will. The Exo Stranger is thrilled with the Guardian's success and progress, telling them how she is from another timeline and in it, another Collapse occurred, with the Darkness corrupting all but a few Guardians. However, now with the Guardian wielding Stasis without harm, the Exo Stranger has proven that Darkness can be used for the good of humanity.

Returning to the Vanguard and meeting with Zavala, the commander admits that while he doesn't entirely agree with the Guardian's methods on how they defeated Eramis and her House of Salvation, it nonetheless proved useful. Further, it provides them the opportunity to reclaim Europa and its Golden Age knowledge. Reaching an agreement with the Awoken to grant Variks temporary immunity as he helps in reclaiming Europa, Zavala tasked the Guardian in aiding in strikes to keep what is left of the House of Salvation in check.

Sabotaging House Salvation[edit]

The Guardian's first mission in destabilizing the House of Salvation would be to sabotage a large Fallen weapons factory. Returning to Variks on Europa, he agreed to aid the Guardian in their mission, though he is somber about Eramis' fate all the same. Understanding that there is little time to mourn, Variks guided the Guardian back to Riis-Reborn as the House of Salvation dealt with Vex incursions. Variks gave the Guardian his old security codes to access the manufacturing plant but they were denied entry, forcing the Ghost to shut down a power plant powering the gateways.

Accessing the factory, the Guardian proceeded to sabotage a number of Fallen Brigs before reaching the main hub of the factory, where they encountered a massive Factory Brig. Despite its firepower, the Guardian managed to bring down the machine and power down the factory, giving the Vanguard the opportunity to establish a foothold on Europa. Furthermore, Zavala had the Guardian take advantage of the Vex incursions against the House of Salvation to instigate more sabotage operations against the Fallen.

The Dark Priestess[edit]

"My people... your Kell sleeps, but she is not dead. The Darkness brings another gift: the means to rouse her from her slumber. Eramiskel has not left you. Eramiskel has just begun. Eramiskel will return in a storm of blood and ice."
— Kridis, the Dark Priestess.

Hearing reports of another Vex incursion against the House of Salvation at Riis-Reborn, Zavala had Variks guide the Guardian in taking advantage of the Fallen's distraction as they would not be expecting the Guardians while they struggled against the Vex. Entering deep into Riis-Reborn, at Kell's Rising, the Guardian would encounter the House of Salvation holding their ground against the Vex better than expected, leading Variks to believe that someone had risen to take Eramis' place. Delving deeper into the city, the Guardian encountered Kridis, Dark Priestess, a member of the Dark Kell's inner circle and the one who is leading the Salvation Fallen in Eramis' absence, explaining how the Fallen have been able to manage the Vex incursions.

Kridis, the Dark Priestess.

Before the Guardian could battle with Kridis, she escaped and sent her forces to deal with them. The Guardian defeated the Salvation Fallen's forces, yet Kridis still got away, leading them to work with Variks in locating her. Variks informed the Guardian that his spies had learned that Kridis is sending her followers to collect remnants of the Darkness in Cadmus Ridge. Finding the Dark Priestess' followers, the Guardian defeated them and took the Flecks of Dark they had been collecting, as well as aiding more Eliksni evacuating from Europa who sought refuge with the House of Light.

Learning that Kridis has returned to Eramis' fortress in Riis-Reborn, the Guardian and Variks hear Kridis giving a wide-ranged broadcast proclaiming that Eramis is not dead but sleeping, and the House of Salvation had the means to rouse her. Racing back through Riis-Reborn towards Eramis' command center to prevent this, the Guardian confronted the Dark Priestess and her Prime Servitor, Yamiks Prime, in the presence of the Stasis statue that Eramis had become. Despite her Prime Servitor and her own Stasis Powers, the Guardian managed to slay Kridis, claiming her Splinter of Darkness in the process. Thinking that they had taken out all of Eramis' lieutenants, Variks proclaimed that the reign of the Kell of Darkness is over. However, he believed that despite this victory, Eramis' deeds would become myth and legend. Her legacy would continue to inspire new champions to rise in her name, leading Variks to state that they must stay vigilant as a result.

Returning to Zavala, the commander commended the Guardian for defeating Kridis but claimed that despite it proving essential in defeating Eramis and her House of Salvation, the Guardians cannot use Stasis any further, believing that any compromise with the Darkness will only lead to disaster. Even after reading reports from Eris Morn on Stasis' potential, Zavala imposed a ban on the use of Stasis as official Vanguard policy, asking the Guardian to aid him in this. In contrast, the Exo Stranger wished to further their understanding of Stasis by finding the lost personal journal of Clovis Bray I, revealing herself as his granddaughter, Elisabeth Bray.

Theft of a Stasis Weapon[edit]

Following the dismantling of Eramis' empire, the Guardian met with The Drifter, who advised them that he managed to steal blueprints for a Fallen weapon that uses Stasis. The House of Salvation had used Praksis' armor tech to design the weapon and Eramis intended to distribute the weapon to her forces once the prototype worked, but after the Technocrat's death, work on the weapon ground to a halt. Seeking to use this weapon for their own benefit, the Drifter had the Guardian head to Europa to gather Fallen weapon intel before further practicing their Stasis abilities.

After training and dealing with pockets of resistance from the House of Salvation, The Drifter informed the Guardian that the weapon was almost ready. However, according to the blueprints, the Fallen couldn't work out a way to stabilize the Stasis Energy. To solve this, The Drifter created his own prototype Stasis container and directed the Guardian to a hidden Fallen facility where the prototype weapon was located. Traversing the facility, the Guardian was able to locate the weapon, Salvation's Grip, plant the container and complete the weapon. A force of Salvation Fallen attempted to stop the Guardian and claim the weapon for themselves, but the Guardian used Salvation's Grip against them, destroying numerous Brigs in the process, sending the Fallen into retreat.

The Deep Stone Crypt[edit]

"Eramis found it. The Deep Stone Crypt. The birthplace of the Exo... and a prison for something sinister. Her followers intended to make use of it. To unleash a chaos they do not understand. Their success means untamed power beyond their wildest dreams. They must be stopped."
— Exo Stranger.

As the Guardians worked with Elisabeth Bray in gathering the Stasis research of Clovis Bray I himself, the Exo Stranger discovers that, before her defeat, Eramis and her council had discovered the Deep Stone Crypt, the birthplace of the Exos, and a large force of Salvation Fallen was mobilizing at the Crypt. Calling in the Guardians to clear out the facility to prevent any of Clovis' knowledge and research from falling into the Fallen's hands, a raid team was formed to enter the facility. Fighting past Fallen and the Crypt's security systems, the Guardians discovered that Clovis Bray perfected the creation of the Exos through the use of Clarity Control, through his research on a statue of a veiled figure similar to the ones found in the Pyramids.

As the Guardians delved deeper into the facility they encountered the last surviving member of Eramis' council, Atraks, the Wildcard. However, using Clovis Bray conversion technology and the radiolaria that Eramis had drained prior to her defeat, Atraks had gone through the Exo conversion process and fully transformed herself into a Exomind (now identified as Atraks-1). Furthermore, with House Salvation's enemies at the gates, Atraks is forced to bring back an old foe the House had recovered: the bannerless mercenary and Guardian killer Taniks, the Scarred Enraged at seeing the Guardian that bested him before, Taniks lashes out before escaping the lab, leaving the Guardians to fight Atraks in a battle that takes them aboard the Morning Star space station orbiting Europa. Despite her use of nanite clones, the Guardians are able to use the lab augmentations against her, leading to Atrak's destruction. With this defeat, the Guardian fireteam moved onwards. The Crypt's AI issued a lockdown aboard the station and activated its nuclear descent protocol, a contingency Clovis Bray had in place to prevent his work from falling into the "wrong hands". The protocol would cause the space station to deorbit and descend towards the Crypt, the subsequent nuclear collision containing the capability of destroying the moon and everything on it.

A Hard Rain Falls[edit]

Taniks, The Abomination rises.

The Guardians proceeded onwards via the outside of the station, taking a more roundabout route thanks to the Clovis AI attempting to prevent interference in the nuclear descent protocol. Eventually, the Guardians found Taniks at the station's nuclear contingency chamber. As they work in stalling Taniks and the Fallen, they prevent the nuclear cores from charging, disabling the protocol and saving Europa. However, though the nuclear explosion was prevented, the station's descent towards the Crypt continued, forcing the Guardian team to reach a secure bunker with Taniks in hot pursuit. The Guardians barely manage to reach the bunker before Taniks, surviving the crash.

Crawling out of the wreckage at the Crypt's entrance, the Guardians find that Taniks had also survived at the last second, rebuilding himself with a Heavy Shank out of the debris (now titled Taniks, the Abomination). Battling with the enhanced Fallen mercenary once more, along with Salvation Fallen that also managed to survive the crash, the Guardians find that Taniks, in his new mechanically monstrous form, is nearly invulnerable. However, disposing of nuclear cores from Taniks' new body, the Guardians are able to weaken Taniks, allowing the Guardians to damage him. Desperate and enraged, Taniks makes one last violent stand against the Guardians but they ultimately prevail, destroying Taniks once and for all.


With Eramis and her council defeated and dead, their army leaderless and sabotaged, the House of Salvation is left completely crippled. What was once a great and powerful house that had the potential to nearly destroy the Guardians is now left adrift the subzero winds of Europa. Though pockets of the House of Salvation would remain, they would never become the same threat as they were under Eramis and her council.

The Deep Stone Crypt Raid would ultimately be the last major push the House of Salvation would make but their efforts in raiding the Crypt left the facility open to all and defenseless. As such, Elisabeth Bray has the Guardians secure the crash site to prevent any Fallen from claiming what's left of the station and to search for whatever secrets Clovis Bray had hidden in the crypt.

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