Deksis-5, Taskmaster

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Deksis-5, Taskmaster
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House of Devils





Combat information


Exodus Garden 2A


VoidS.png Servitor Eye


Midair Levitation
Summon Fallen
High Durability
Ether Shield
KineticS.png Servitor Melee


Deksis-5, Taskmaster is a Fallen High Servitor from the House of Devils. It is seen in the Exodus Garden 2A, in which it was programmed to task Fallen workers and oversee the Walker production line.

Later in Beyond Light, it was seen helping Bakris, the Adamantine rally the Fallen Devils within the Cosmodrome to join the House of Salvation and help aided the supply of Salvation Walkers to Eramis's new House.


Deksis serves as the final boss for the Exodus Garden 2A. It also appears in the Master and Legend difficulty of the Lost Sector and as a additional boss in the Story Mission that features Bakris, the Adamantine.

After eliminating the multiple waves of Fallen, a barrier will open the pathway to Deksis. Upon entering the final arena, players will be assaulted by the nearby Dregs and Wretches. Deksis will also spawn behind them with two additional Servitors and attack the players with Void blasts from its Servitor Eye. The two smaller Servitors also provide Ether immunity shielding to the nearby Fallen reinforcements.

Deksis is also capable of levitating around the area and will occasionally teleport across and hide behind cover. It also has high durability and requires a immense amount of firepower to tackle. The use of heavy weaponry can easily defeat the Servitor.

When facing Deksis in the story mission with Bakris, it will feature the same gameplay as found in the original lost sector. Bakris will make the encounter difficult by shooting players with her long range Wire Rifle and hurl occasionally Stasis Duskfield grenades that is capable of freezing players. Defeating Bakris will end the mission.


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