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One of few known survivors of being Taken

Sedia, the Corrupted
Sedia, The Corrupted
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The Corrupted


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"What if they are not wise enough for the Dreadnaught?"
— Sedia[1]

Sedia, formerly known as Sedia, the Corrupted while she was Taken, is an Awoken Techeun who served Queen Mara Sov. She was one of Mara's primary advisors and served her as a bodyguard following the Wolf Rebellion. Sedia was Taken by Oryx, the Taken King in the aftermath of the Battle of Saturn, but she was later freed by the Young Wolf from her corruption and helped lead the Awoken in resisting the Taken curse placed upon the Dreaming City. She is the boss of The Corrupted Strike.


Preparing the Path to Godhood[edit]

"It's just- do we..."
"Do we wish to trust the Guardians?
— Sedia and Illyn, worrying over the part the Guardians played in Mara's plans

Shortly after the Awoken returned to the Solar System from the Distributary, Sedia and her fellow Techeuns assisted the newly crowned Queen Mara Sov in dealing with several crises as their civilization established itself in the Reef. Following an exodus of Awoken who felt they needed to return to Earth and assist the remaining Humans living there, Sedia and the Techeuns augmented the Queen's powers to reach out to them and appeal for them to return to the Reef.[2] She was acquainted with a fellow Awoken who died on Earth and was resurrected as a Guardian named Zavala. She observed that despite no longer having his memories, his personality did not change significantly.[3]

In the aftermath of the rebellion of the House of Wolves led by Skolas, Kell of Kells, Sedia and Shuro Chi replaced the Wolves' Guard as Queen Mara's primary bodyguards in her throne room. At a meeting with the Warlock Osiris and the Hunter Eris Morn, Sedia and Shuro Chi were offended by the insolent tone they felt Eris possessed when addressing Mara, but they were silenced by Mara, who appreciated Eris' candor. At the meeting, they learned of the coming of Oryx, the Taken King to the Solar System and Eris' dedication to destroying him, a plan to which Mara agreed to participate in.[4]

With the alliance forged between the Reef and Eris, Sedia and her fellow Techeuns began preparing for a confrontation with the Taken King and to help Mara ascend to godhood in her confrontation with the Hive god. As part of the plan, construction began on the Blind Well in the Dreaming City that would be able to open a portal to Mara's throne world of Eleusinia. Together with the help of Lissyl and the Ahamkara Riven, Sedia utilized her magic to craft the first borehole which connected to The Confluence below them. Once construction was complete and they prepared to connect the Blind Well to Eleusinia, Sedia became worried and questioned if it would not be best to leave the door to Mara's throne room without a key. Mara corrected her that it was an egg, while Kalli suggested the "key" was so heavy as to be unliftable. Sedia remained worried, as the "key" was in fact paracausal energy that could only be created by Guardians wielding Light, and hesitated to question if they could trust them. Coven Mother Illyn voiced her concerns for her, although Mara left without another word, and Illyn simply reminded Sedia to follow her vows.[5]

The Battle of Saturn[edit]

Sedia aiding Mara Sov in the Battle of Saturn

"What if they are not wise enough for the Dreadnaught?"
"Sedia, do you not have faith in our Queen?
— Illyn and Sedia

After months of preparation, the Reef prepared to fight an approaching Hive fleet that was nearing Saturn led by Oryx, Sedia participated in a rare meeting with the Coven, discussing the upcoming confrontation with the Taken King. She worried that Oryx might kill Mara if their plan did not succeed, but Nascia scornfully reminded her of their oath to obey even in the face of defeat, while Illyn assured her they only faced temporary defeat, but would have victory in the future. Sedia was selected alongside Shuro Chi and Kalli to take all but the oldest Harbingers into battle against Oryx's Dreadnaught, but she again expressed doubt in the plan and worried that the Harbingers would not have the wisdom to match Oryx's flagship, causing Illyn to question Sedia's faith in Queen Mara.[1]

When the Awoken fleet intercepted Oryx's Dreadnaught and escort vessels in the rings of Saturn, Sedia aided Shuro Chi and Kalli in providing support to Mara to launch the Harbingers at the Dreadnaught. While they succeeded in destroying the escort vessels, the Dreadnaught itself suffered no major damage, and Oryx responded to the assault upon his fleet by unleashing the Dreadnaught's primary weapon.[6] Sedia, Shuro Chi, and Kalli escaped via emergency selfgates to the Dreaming City as the Awoken fleet was annihilated, but Mara remained behind as part of the plan for her ascension into godhood.[7] Unfortunately, Shuro Chi's efforts to bring Mara with them left her selfgate open long enough for Oryx's essence from the weapon to follow them into the Dreaming City,[8] which resulted in Sedia and her two fellow Techeuns being Taken by Oryx alongside Riven and caused the corruption of the Dreaming City.[9] Due to their disappearance, the Reef's remaining leadership assumed Sedia, Shuro, and Kalli had perished along with the rest of the fleet.[10]

The Cursed City[edit]

Freed from Corruption[edit]

Sedia, the Corrupted.

"I broke my oath; I broke it all — she knows everything! We are in ruin!"
— Sedia, upon being freed from corruption

When the Young Wolf first reached the Dreaming City, Sedia was present along with her fellow Taken Techeuns, Shuro Chi and Kalli. Upon the Guardian's approach, she and her sister Techeuns immediately banished them into the Ascendant Realm, forcing them to escape.[11] A Guardian Strike team led by the Young Wolf was later commissioned by Petra Venj to push deep into Sedia's lair within the Dreaming City, where they successfully weakened her and freed her from her Taken corruption. While glad to be freed of the corruption, Sedia was terrified that she would be Taken again and despaired over having been forced to give her secrets up to Savathûn, the Witch-Queen.[12]

The First Cycle[edit]

Sedia near the Oracle Engine.

"They've broken into our temples. Cursed our city. Decimated our people. We did not sacrifice everything for it to end this way. Feast on them, Guardian."
— Sedia, to the Young Wolf

After the Hive and Taken began breaking into Awoken temples throughout the Dreaming City to steal artifacts containing data on Awoken secrets, Sedia went to The Confluence and began gathering the bodies of Corsairs who had fallen defending the artifacts. She gathered the bodies of five Corsairs and was met by the Young Wolf, who had been tasked by Petra with hunting down and retrieving the artifacts. Sedia lamented the losses and curse that had befallen the Awoken at the hands of the Hive and Taken and encouraged the Young Wolf to exact revenge upon them before creating a selfgate to transport herself and the bodies to safety.[13] A week later, Sedia learned that the Taken had seized the Observatory where the Oracle Engine was located. She requested the Young Wolf clear the Taken from the Observatory and save the Engine, as it was the only way the Awoken had to contact Queen Mara Sov and it could not be replaced or repaired.[14]

More than two weeks after the Taken curse was laid upon the Dreaming City, Sedia met with the Young Wolf outside of the portal leading to Eleusinia, the Queen's corrupted throne world. Angered by all the devastation visited upon the Awoken by the Riven's curse, Sedia informed the Guardian that the Blind Well had charged up fully and opened the portal. She encouraged them to enter Eleusinia and put an end to the curse if they could, but warned them that if the walls started to whisper they should ignore what they said.[15]

The Second Cycle[edit]

Sedia within the Confluence.

"I foresaw this. I foresaw it with such clarity. And when I tried to warn her my voice failed me."
— Sedia, lamenting her failure to change the loop

Although the Young Wolf's succeeded at killing Dûl Incaru, the Eternal Return within Eleusinia, the Taken curse did not break. Instead, the Dreaming City reset to its state in the aftermath of Riven's demise, although all the Awoken retained their memories of what had occurred. When the Hive assaulted the temples to steal the Awoken data artifacts, Sedia attempted to warn the Corsairs who had previously died of what was coming. However, she found herself unable to speak and felt as if a "clawed fist" was wrapped around her throat. When the Young Wolf arrived in the Confluence, Sedia sadly explained what had happened before teleporting away once more with the corpses of the Corsairs she had failed to save.[13]

When the Taken repeated their assault on the Observatory to seize the Oracle Engine, Sedia and Petra met to plan out how to prevent the Taken from succeeding at their plan with their knowledge of the previous assault. They decided to utilize magic to create a ward of protection around the Oracle, but Sedia discovered that she could not cast the spell. Petra resolved to take a unit and secure the Observatory on foot instead, yet found themselves breaking formation and scattering against their will due to the power of the Taken curse. Meeting with the Young Wolf the next day after the Taken had captured the Observatory and sealed off access, Sedia informed them of the Awoken's inability to alter the course of the cycle. She admitted that she believed whoever had cast the curse was a cunning individual who deserved their respect, although the Young Wolf's Ghost. disagreed.[14]

The Endless Cycles[edit]

"On the eve before battle, Mara gathered my coven to tell us of a dangerous plan. She told us that it might cost us everything. Our lives, our loves, our legacy as a people. We understood the risks. And we all agreed that the plan was worth it. That plan is still in motion. We have lost so much... we will lose so much more. But not here, not like this. The City cannot fall."
— Sedia

Sedia met with the Young Wolf once again in the Divalian Mists when the Taken captured the Observatory for the third time. The Ghost observed that the timing of the loop seemed like a Vex simulation, and Sedia agreed, stating she had good reason to believe a Vex mind could be partly responsible for the curse. The Ghost asked why she thought that, but Sedia merely chuckled and thanked the Guardian for their aid before teleporting away.[14] During the fourth cycle Sedia asked the Young Wolf if they had fought in the Taken War and revealed that on the eve of the war she and the other Techeun's had been entrusted with knowledge of a secret plan that could cost the Awoken everything they held dear as well as their lives. Sedia stated that plan was still in motion and that it had indeed cost the Awoken much and would exact a further price still, but she believed that the Dreaming City could still be saved and asked the Guardian to once more drive the Taken from the Observatory.[14]

In the fifth cycle, Sedia met with the Young Wolf once more along the cliffside in the Divalian Mists and noted that all was the same once more as the Taken assaulted the Observatory. Their Ghost suggested that at least combating the curse every week was making them stronger, but Sedia noted that it taught their enemies as much as it did them and wished the Queen's blessings upon them before departing.[14] Sedia, Shuro, and Kalli also had a troubling vision during the fifth week of the cycle, although they dared not make direct contact with Mara to inform her of what they saw for fear of infecting her with the Taken curse.[16] In the sixth loop, Sedia questioned why the Young Wolf was fighting for the Awoken, as the Dreaming City was not their home. Their Ghost claimed that it was the right thing to do, and Sedia was amused that idealism was the answer. The Ghost angrily retorted that there was a whole universe they could go fight for instead, causing Sedia to apologize and explain that she did not mean to offend them, but the Ghost still left angry.[14] In the seventh iteration, Sedia thanked the Guardian for their commitment to the Awoken's cause and expressed her respect for them.[14]

Personality and traits[edit]

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  • Shall we try again, My Queen?
  • Oryx could kill her, if she holds on too long.
  • I foresaw this. I foresaw it with such clarity. And when I tried to warn her, my voice failed me. Like a clawed fist was constricting around my throat...
  • They've broken into our temples. Cursed our City. Decimated our people. We did not sacrifice everything for it to end this way. Feast on them, Guardian.
  • The Taken have seized control of our observatory. I fear they've set their sights on the Oracle Engine.
  • It is far more than that, but – yes. The Oracle is immeasurably valuable. We cannot repair it. We cannot replace it. And so, we cannot allow the observatory to fall.
  • I'll call for reinforcements.
  • Our enemies are drawn to the Blind Well like moths to a flame...'
  • The Blind Well can split wide the veins that run between realities.
  • Mara has a plan. The Well is one of the cogs in her grand design.
  • Some things should not be saved.

List of appearances[edit]


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