Savek, Betrayer for Xivu Arath

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Savek, Betrayer for Xivu Arath
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House of Spider (formerly)




Dreg (formerly)



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Shrapnel Launcher
Shock Grenade


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Wrathborn Shield
Summon Fallen

"These Eliksni weren't so wicked before Xivu Arath drowned their minds in chaos. They were just...lost."
— The Crow

Savek, Betrayer for Xivu Arath is a Fallen and a former associate for the House of Spider syndicate. She was a part of the salvage crew tasked with scavenging the remains of a Ketch from the House of Kings. Alongside Kosis, she was among the first to discover the rise of Cryptoliths around the Tangled Shore. Later she was corrupted into a Fallen Wrathborn, and in the process was transformed from a Dreg into a four-armed monstrosity with the stature of an Archon.


Call of the Cryptolith[edit]

"I... recognized this one. We crossed paths before."
— The Crow

Savek served as a salvager working for The Spider and his House whose job was to collect scrap found in the Tangled Shore for the syndicate to resell on the black market. She had even worked with the Crow on a few occasions out on the Shore.[1]

Savek was initially dispatched on a salvage operation to a wrecked Ketch of the long dead House of Kings, alongside the rest for her crew, lead by an ambitious Vandal named Kosis. After establishing a camp, she is assigned guard duty at the northwestern post much to her dismay. The Dreg would hear the echoing whispers of the Cryptolith which she discovered within a nearby rocky cave no larger than a Servitor.[2]

Reporting her findings back to camp, Kosis orders Savek and her fellow Dregs to dismantle the Hive structure for scrap;[3] it would be to no avail as the Crytolith regrew itself in a matter of hours.[4] Savek herself was enamored by the beckoning whispers of Xivu Arath from the cryptolith; her body slowly becoming emaciated from lack of sleep and Ether as she found herself constantly standing at the mouth of the cave. She was left distracted and unfocused during her work routine and broke part of the Ketch's gyroscope she was dismantling in a moment of inattention.[5]

Finally, Savek had succumbed to the cryptolith's call alongside her Dreg colleagues. Now fully enthralled under the Hive god, she murdered Kosis with her own stolen Shock Blade in a bloodthirsty rage.[6] Standing before the cryptolith in her final hours, Savek transcended her Fallen form as her body ruptured new arms and is remade into a powerful Wrathborn before crossing into the Ascendant realm to join its new master.[7]

Peace For Savek[edit]

"The bones of what we become act more powerfully than the flesh you leave behind."
— The Crow

Under the God of War, Savek served as one of the first Wrathborn Fallen after betraying the House of Spider. As it traveled with a pack of Wrathborn, it was spotted by the Crow, who managed to isolate and restrain the now ravenous Wrathborn Savek for questioning. However, he would find no semblance of the Eliksni it once was, with Savek nearly tearing one of its own arms off in a bid to escape the Crow's restraints. The Crow realized he could do nothing for her and let Savek go free and return to its master's bidding. A couple of days later, The Guardian would draw out Savek at Sjursrest in Four-Horn Gulch, where they put down the former Fallen out of its misery much to Crow's mourning.[1]




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