Val Ma'rag

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Val Ma'rag
Biographical information




Red Legion (formerly)
Imperial Cabal




Blood Guard Incendior (formerly)



Combat information


Battleground: Foothold


SolarS.png Cabal Magma Launcher


Summon Cabal
Summon Shieldbearer
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
Summon Portable Shield
KineticS.png Quake
SolarS.png Burn
SolarS.png Compression Blast


Val Ma'rag was a Cabal Incendior with the rank of Val, and one of the few surviving Red Legion officers still left in the Sol System when Empress Caiatl arrived to reclaim the Legion. Seeking to gain her favor, Ma'rag struck at the Hive nests of the Cosmodrome, but was killed in battle against the Guardians.


Ma'rag grew up in the poorest, most rural region of his home planet before being recruited into the Red Legion.[1]

During the Red War, Val Ma'rag was stationed in one of Earth's dead zones. He held his assigned territory for several years, fighting off repeated Hive attacks, even as all his superior officers died and the Red Legion's position in the Solar System became increasingly untenable. As years passed without any support arriving for him, Ma'rag resigned himself to dying on Earth in service to the Legion.[1]

Empress Caiatl's arrival gave Val Ma'rag new inspiration. He would bet on himself in being the first to join Caiatl's War Council, placing his Vita Brevis in the hands of Avrok as collateral.[2][1] Seeking to join and exemplify himself, Ma'rag gathered his forces and launched an offensive against the Hive in the Cosmodrome, in the hopes of presenting Caiatl with a symbolic victory over the Hive as vengeance for their recent destruction of Torobatl. However, he underestimated the Hive's numbers, and his forces were overwhelmed. Nonetheless, Ma'rag fought on until the Guardians arrived and slew him in accordance with the Rite of Proving, ending his ambitions.[3]


Ma'rag is encountered as the final boss of Battleground: Foothold. He will initially be inside an unbreachable Portable Cabal Shield, fighting Hive forces near the crashed Seeder Ship at the Skywatch. Before challeging the Val, it is recommended to destroy the Scorpius turrets deployed around the area. After the challenge is launched, the shield will drop, the Scorpius will activate, and further Cabal reinforcements will arrive via Harvester. As Ma'rag takes damage, more Cabal will arrive, until he has lost a third of his health.

At this point, he will move further up the hill and summon a Shieldbearer Champion to maintain his Immunity Shield. Once the Shieldbearer is slain, Ma'rag will be vulnerable again, and the Hive will also send reinforcements from their territory, potentially pincering players between the two fronts. This will repeat once more when Ma'rag reaches a third of his health, and will move towards the final location. At this point, defeating the Shieldbearer will leave Ma'rag vulnerable, and his death will cause all Cabal to retreat and the activity to complete.

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