Orm Duluz, Bound to Sedia

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Orm Duluz, Bound to Sedia
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Biographical information




Ultra (Nightfall)


Taken Knight

Combat information


The Corrupted


Arc Shredder
Stasis Boomer (Nightfall)


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Hive Melee
Solar Burn Projectiles
Awoken Shield


Orm Duluz, Bound to Sedia is a powerful Taken Knight seen in the Temple of Illyn.[1]


Orm Duluz appears in the Strike The Corrupted. They are important to the elevator encounter, where Duluz will appear, alongside two Ransacker Phalanxes, when the elevator is sabotaged by a Taken Blight. All three will be protected by a special Awoken Shield. This shield can only be broken by throwing an Awoken Relic at it, and will be detonated like an Absorption Shield if the relic was first thrown to another player. Orm Duluz will engage the players with its Shredder and flaming breath, and they should be wary to not get stuck in a position where their Phalanx backup can blow them away.

In the Nightfall version of the strike, Orm Duluz is raised up to Ultra from their normal Major rank. They will switch weapon to a Stasis Boomer, allowing them to control space even more efficiently. Finally, their Ransacker backup will become two named Majors, Val Prosk, Bound to Sedia and Val Gruuk, Bound to Sedia.


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