Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial

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Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial
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SolarS.png Modified Projection Rifle


Activate Bell of Conquest
Summon Nightmares
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Nightmare Immunity
KineticS.png Quake


"My daughter, my star... my betrayer."
— Emperor Calus.

The Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial is the Nightmare of Empress Caiatl. It serves as the final boss of the Duality Dungeon, where it can be found at the center of Emperor Calus' mind.[1]


To start the encounter, one player has to move down the stairs in front of the rally flag placement spot, which causes the Nightmare and several battalions of Cabal to spawn. Alongside these, two standard sites will indicate two standards that must be obtained. These are the four symbols reused from the Leviathan raid; that being War Beast, Axes, Chalice, and Sun. To progress in the fight, players must kill pairs of Honored Bellkeepers to allow Bells of Conquest to be activated. Players must then ring one of the ready bells to enter the nightmare realm of the arena and kill the two correct Psions located on the balconies. The locations of the correct Psions to kill are indicated by symbols on the walls above these balconies, in the mindscape. Killing the wrong Psion causes the timer until the nightmare kills all within to be cut in half while killing the right one pushes back the nightmare by fifteen seconds and spawns in a standard essence which must be picked up. To escape the nightmare realm in time, players must defeat three pairs of Bellkeepers to allow a bell (right, middle, and left) to be rung.

Upon ringing the bell, players are transported back to the mindscape where they'll have to deposit the right standard essences onto the sites where the projections show. Repeat this once more and the damage phase can begin in which one of the chains located above the standard sites must be shot to allow Calus' Bell of Conquest to be rung, which will bring the Nightmare of Caiatl and the players into the nightmare realm where she is now damageable. However, the Nightmare of Caiatl has large damage resistance. To deal maximum damage to the Nightmare, players must take out the Bellkeepers to free up the three bells in the same areas as before. This must be done quickly, as the Nightmare will rapidly approach a randomly chosen Bell. Upon reaching the bell, if not rung, the Nightmare will teleport back to the mindscape realm, forcing players to need to repeat the standard gathering phase. Once a bell is rung, players standing inside the circle surrounding the bell will obtain a damage buff, and the Nightmare will be stunned for 30 seconds. Once all three bells have been exhausted of use, the Nightmare will retreat to Calus' bell in the back of the arena, warping everyone back to the mindscape realm. Thus the cycle of the fight begins anew, with standard gathering, followed by the same damage phase.


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  • The three feathers on her back are similar to original concepts of Caiatl's design.[2]
    • These feathers were later worn by Caiatl herself in the Catharsis mission.
  • The Nightmare of Caiatl uses the same Projection Rifle as Dominus Ghaul uses with the only change being an Imperial skin.

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