Grask, the Consumed

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Grask, the Consumed
TitanHunter vs TakenCabal.jpg
Biographical Information




800 lbs




Taken Phalanx






800 lbs

Combat Information


Lake of Shadows


Taken Slug Rifle
Taken Energy Shield


Arc Shield Blast
Taken Energy Pool
Repulsion Rifts
Tethered Debuff
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Taken

"Zavala, that Taken commander is down for the count. Surprise of the day? He was Red Legion."
The Ghost

Grask, the Consumed is a Taken Red Legion Phalanx that serves as the final boss of the Lake of Shadows Strike.


Grask is a large Taken Phalanx, armed with an Arc Slug Rifle and a Cabal Shield. Like others of his kind, Grask is capable of projecting a blast of energy from his shield, which can send Guardians flying into greater dangers. On the perimeter of the battlefield, there is a rising pool of Taken energy which acts as an environmental hazard, as stepping in it will damage the player. There are also certain spots on the wall where repulsion rifts have been attached, which behave just like the shield that Grask uses. Taken runts (phalanxes, psions, etc.) will spawn in the taken energy. Grask can also use his own version of the Shadowshot super, tethering any opponents in its radius, and can quickly teleport short distances to find a good spot to use this ability. So long as his shield isn't raised, he can freely be damaged, provided that the Taken reinforcements are dealt with. However, when Grask's health begin to fall, he will begin teleporting and using his Shadowshot much more rapidly. It is often better to put him down quickly than to try and deal with his reinforcements.


  • Grask is the only known example of a Taken Red Legion Cabal, suggesting he was Taken at some point after Oryx's death. This implies that another entity, most likely Savathûn, was responsible for Taking Grask.


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