Inotam, Oblivion's Triune

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Inotam, Oblivion's Triune
Biographical Information




Red Legion


Psion Flayer (fusion)





Combat Information


The Sundial


Cabal Slug Launcher


Summon Cabal
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Psion Melee
Immunity Shield
Activate Sync Plate(s)
Void Prison
Voltaic Strike
Solar Seekers
Teleport Guardians

Tazaroc: "Together, we are stronger."
Ozletc: "Than any threat that may challenge us."
— Tazaroc and Ozletc joining with Niruul into Inotam.[1]

Inotam, Oblivion's Triune is the fusion of Niruul, Ozletc, and Tazaroc. After the Guardians circumvented their efforts of change the timeline, the Psion Flayer sisters underwent a permanent metaconcert inside the Corridors of Time to join bodies and form into Inotam, a single powerful Psion honing all of their Psionic power. She served the final rotating boss of the Sundial Arena before her death.


Inotam will form once the Psion Flayer Sisters finally merge in the far pedestal. She will be open to damage for most of the fight, but will utilize her miniaturized Cabal Slug Launcher and guards to defend herself from the Guardian assailants. Much like the siblings, she also has an additional knock-back ability to her melee attack to counter any melee-based attacker. Because of the fusion of the Psion Flayers, she has access to all of the sister's abilities: the Detain ability of Niruul that traps all Guardians in a Detainment field before they either escape or are obliterated by the Void Prison attack, the Voltaic Strike ability of Ozletc that calls down pillars of Arc energy to scatter the Guardians, and the Solar Seeker ability of Tazaroc that calls forth a volley of powerful, tracking Solar Projectiles. Once enough health is lost, she will teleport the Guardians to a different arena, where they must face off against one of the sisters. After vanquishing them, the players are warped back to the main arena; here, they must defend the Sync Plates from oncoming Cabal attackers in order to strip Inotam of her Immunity Shield, allowing the powerful Psion to be open to damage once again.


  • Despite being a fusion of the three Flayers, Inotam bears more of a resemblance towards Freeborn Otzot.
  • Inotam is the first light Cabal troop, let alone a Psion, to use a heavy weapon generally wielded by a Colossus (Albeit a lighter version).
  • Inotam is the first boss to be a fusion of previous bosses that The Guardian had previously faced.
    • Due to this and the Weblore Joining, it is known that any of the Psion Flayer triplets had this ability but was never used, and that the knowledge was only found by a select few.
    • It is not explicitly stated whether or not fusion is possible only through siblings, yet it can be inferred a Psion grows to a larger size either by the act of a fusion or sheer amount of knowledge, opening further specualtion about Kargen, the Technocrat.


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