Irûn, Bound to Sedia

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Irûn, Bound to Sedia
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Other names:

Ransacker Ogre




Savathûn's Brood




Taken Ogre

Combat information


The Corrupted


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
ArcS.png Rotten Surge
KineticS.png Ground Slam


Irûn, Bound to Sedia is an Ultra Taken Ogre encountered in the Temple of Illyn. It is a subordinate of Sedia, the Corrupted and was paired with Yächaar, Bound to Sedia to fend off the Guardian Fireteam deployed to the rescue their master.[1]


Irûn appears in the Strike The Corrupted, paired with Yächaar as the Ransacker Ogres. They are encountered halfway through the strike. The Hive Ogre will first fight the fireteam in a room, but the Guardians will soon be Castaway to an Ascendant Realm version of the same area, where the Taken will appear to fight them alongside large amounts of their fellows. Irûn quickly targets the closest foe it sees, blasting them with its Rotten Surge and getting in melee range to smash them with its Ground Slam. The fireteam will continue to be teleported back and forth until one of the Ogres is dead. If Irûn dies first, the team will be expelled from the Ascendant Plane, and numerous Thralls and Knights will come to Yächaar's aid. Otherwise, three Shriekers will become active alongside Irûn, making standing in the open almost suicidal.

In the Nightfall version of the strike, Irûn is supported by Unstoppable Taken Phalanxes, and the fireteam should take care to kill them before they kill the Taken Ogre, or they will become unreachable and deny them Platinum Rewards.


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