Primeval Thressia, Font of Blight

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Primeval Thressia, Font of Blight
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Taken Wizard

Combat information


Warlord's Ruin


Initial Immunity
SolarS.png Necromantic Gaze
VoidS.png Absorption Shield
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Summon Taken


Primeval Thressia, Font of Blight is a Taken Wizard located within the Dark Age castle of Windswept Crag. They can be encountered as a boss in Warlord's Ruin. Defeating Primeval Thressia is a paramount to obtaining the catalyst for Buried Bloodline.


To confront Primeval Thressia, Guardians must have the Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm and have completed the In the Shadow of the Mountain quest. Once the fireteam have defeated Rathil, First Broken Knight of Fikrul, they will be transported into the prison. Once they escape their cells, they must locate the Taken Blight behind the gate with four unlit torches. The Guardians must destroy the Blight with the Buried Bloodline, resulting in them gaining Imminent Wish, a buff that lasts for 29 seconds and allows them to cleanse the corrupted Totems. Shortly after, multiple torches will light up and corrupted totems will appear in four cells. The lit torches line up with the correct totems in the cells and the order in which they must be cleansed. Once the totems are cleansed in the correct sequence the first step is complete.

For the second step, Guardians will come across a bridge that leads to the encounter against the Locus of Wailing Grief. When the fireteam have successfully cleared all the enemies, they must turn around to the tower behind them to see another Taken Blight on the left, and five unlit torches on its side. Upon destroying it, the Guardians will gain Imminent Wish, upon gaining the buff, torches along the side of the tower will light up and corrupted totems will appear. The lit torches indicate the totems that must be cleansed and the accurate sequence in order. Once the fireteam has cleansed the correct totems the second step is complete.

Upon completing the second step, the fireteam must defeat the Locus of Wailing Grief to progress to the final step. Once the Taken Ogre is defeated, Guardians must traverse the fortress until they arrive at a part of the mountain with levitating rocks and doors. Located within one of these doors is a Taken Blight with four unlit torches. The fireteam must destroy the blight to gain Imminent Wish, lit the torches, and summon the corrupted totems. Similarly to the first step, the torches correlate to the totems in the cells and the order which they must be cleansed. Upon completing the final step, Guardians must traverse the fortress to locate a orb of energy similar in appearance to Toland. Once they have discovered it, the fireteam must interact with it to open a portal and confront Primeval Thressia.

Once the fireteam have entered the portal, they will arrive at a room with Hefnd's remains, where Primeval Thressia will appear. The Taken Wizard is immune and will summon enemies for assistance. Within the room are six torches on the left and right and corrupted totems. The torches on the right go in the order of one, two, and three, while the torches on the left go three, two, one. Overtime the fireteam will gain Imminent Wish and three of the torches will light up, indicating the totems that must be cleansed. Once the totems are cleansed, the Guardians will gain the buff, Naeem's Wish Empowerment, which lasts for 19 seconds and allows you to damage Primeval Thressia. During the encounter, Guardians must break Primeval Thressia's shield first before doing damage to the boss. When the buff runs out, the Taken Wizard's shield will return and the fireteam must repeat the mechanics. Once Primeval Thressia is slain, Guardians can open the chest to obtain the catalyst and the rest of the loot.