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Dredgen Yor
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Other name(s):

Rezyl Azzir







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The Last City (formerly)
Vanguard (formerly)


Guardian (formerly)


Titan (Striker)

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One of the first Guardians
Owner of the Thorn
Most despised Guardian to have ever lived.

Nothing dies like hope. I cherish it.[1]

Dredgen Yor[1] (alias, original name Rezyl Azzir[2]) was an infamous Guardian who fell to Darkness and became one of humanity's most hated villains. He was first armed with an Auto Rifle known as Inferno[2] and Hand Cannon Rose, which later became Thorn which, in the hands of The Guardian became Lumina.[3]


A Guardian of Hope[edit]

Rezyl Azzir was revived by his Ghost during the Dark Age and eventually made his way to the sprawling refugee camp that lay below the Traveler. Many of the survivors there worshipped the Traveler as a god and Factions began to form amongst the survivors. Many of Rezyl's fellow Risen began picking Factions to side with as champions and enforcers, creating tension and unease in the sanctuary as hostilities between the Factions began to turn into open conflict. Rezyl and several other Risen who wished to follow a more noble path saw the Factions and their conflict as a threat to safety and hope of the remnants of Humanity while regarding the Risen that had sided with the Factions as misusing their Light. This dispute erupted into the Faction Wars, which ended as the Fallen began their first assaults on the refugees. Rezyl became a champion of both conflicts, helping to break both the power of the Factions and repel the Fallen, causing many of the survivors to turn to him as a hero, while some suggested he could be a god. With the power of the Factions broken, the camp became united as The Last City and began building walls to defend from further attacks as more survivors and Risen arrived, with those who took up arms in defense of the Last City becoming known as Guardians. Rezyl spent years watching the Walls and Last City grow stronger as hope blossomed within the survivors, but he grew concerned by old stories he had heard whispered in the Dark Ages of servants of the Darkness waiting to finish what had begun in the Collapse. At the end of each day, he would gaze at the Moon and ponder the threat said to lurk there.[4]

Rezyl began venturing out from the Last City to combat potential threats before they could strike and rescue other survivors to bring to the Last City. His efforts earned him the enmity of the Fallen. Eventually, a Captain of the House of Devils named Eksori ambushed Rezyl and attempted to kill him in order to gain glory and status among his brethren. However, Rezyl was easily able to fend off the ambush, cutting down Eksori's Dregs with his Auto Rifle Inferno. As he beat the Devil Captain to death, his thoughts had already turned to what conflict would be coming next.[5]

Rezyl teamed up with two other Guardians named Hassa and Tover to kill a Kell whose Ketch was located in the Tescan Valley between two mountain peaks. Each of them fired a rocket at a group of patrolling Skiffs, drawing the Fallen's attention towards the cliffside where they were positioned. Rezyl ordered Hassa and Tover to leave and draw the Skiffs away on their Sparrows, but Hassa protested that he could not fight a whole Ketch by himself. He reassured her the Ketch was not his target, knowing that she hated his plans, and began to tell them where they would meet afterwards when Tover interjected that they could not meet if he was dead. Smiling at his friend's concern, Rezyl ordered them one more time to go and watched as they sped away through the forest with the Skiffs in pursuit. Racing down the cliffside towards the entrenched and ready Fallen on his own Sparrow, Rezyl asked his Ghost to hang back and revive him quickly when he saw the right moment. Although concerned that Rezyl's plan involved dying, his Ghost agreed to trust him. Leaping into the middle of the Fallen formation, Rezyl cut down numerous Fallen before being felled by a bombardment from the Ketch's weapons. The Fallen quickly surrounded his body as the Kell arrived on a Skiff from the Ketch and hoisted the Guardian's body above his head as a trophy. At that moment, his Ghost revived Rezyl, and he quickly thrust Rose underneath the Kell's jaw and executed him before the Fallen leader could throw him away. Stunned at the loss of their leader, the Fallen swarmed Rezyl, who smashed into their ranks with his Striker abilities and disintegrated them with Arc energy. Quickly summoning his Sparrow, Rezyl fled before the Ketch could fire again. Relieved that they had made it, his Ghost suggested never doing anything like that again, but Rezyl did not reply, thinking to himself that with war as a constant, "never" was an illusion.[5]

Rezyl and several other Guardians later tracked a group of Fallen raiders for several weeks, only to catch up with them as they assaulted a settlement known as North Channel. Destroying the raiders, Rezyl bitterly reflected that if they had caught up to them quicker the town would have been saved, instead of only partially destroyed with some survivors. Many of them decided to leave the ruins of their home for the safety of the Last City, although some decided to stay and rebuild. As he and his fellow Guardians left to escort the refugees, Rezyl admired the courage and resolve of those who stayed behind but knew that death would come for them one day.[5]

Into the Darkness[edit]

Troubled by strange nightmares, Rezyl went to the Moon, presumably in search of the Hive, and encountered Xyor, the Blessed, who prophesied he would one day fall.[6] Undeterred, Rezyl fought off her consort, an unnamed Hive Knight, for hours trapped inside the Hellmouth. He would succeed in killing the Knight, whose chitin he took as a trophy to adorn Rose before he left with his Ghost to warn the City, unaware of the corruption that would later influence him.[2]

Eventually he was overtaken by the whispers of the Hive Wizard completely, corrupted by his Rose; abandoning his name, Dredgen Yor began wielding the dark sorcery of the Hive, killing innocents wantonly and consuming their Light.[7][8] He parted ways with his Ghost on Mars, whom he considered his last true friend, after a long debate where his Ghost attempted to get him to see the error of his ways.[1]

Yor's motivations are still something of a mystery, but what is clear is that he had lost hope and faith in the Guardians' cause,[4] and instead pursued his own twisted version of "peace". He also wanted the memory of his former life as a hero unspoiled, so that his victims would come to fear him even more when they realized who he was.[1] He even hungered for the Light of others, though this may be more due to the influence of Thorn or the Hive and their parasitic nature.

Campaign of Destruction[edit]

Yor was responsible for the destruction of the settlement of Palamon and the death of its protector, the Guardian and owner of The Last Word, Jaren Ward.[9] However, he spared Ward's Ghost and his young protege, Shin Malphur, as he anticipated that Shin would hunt him down in desire for revenge, hoping to corrupt him to Darkness. He is confirmed for murdering two other Guardians: the Hunter, Pahanin[10] and fellow Titan Thalor, who reigned undefeated in the Crucible until one fateful match, where he wound up on the wrong end of Thorn.[11]


Yor would eventually fall to Shin Malphur, in a showdown at Dwindler's Ridge.[12] Shin described Yor as "the darkest shadow he would ever know."[13] The legend of Dredgen Yor and Shin Malphur's legendary showdown is known to every Gunslinger Hunter.[14]

Years after Yor's demise, his dark legend has nevertheless earned a following among the Guardians in the form of the Shadows of Yor, a group of Crucible fighters who utilize cleansed replicas of Thorn,[15][16][17] and seek to follow in Yor's footsteps, explaining away his evil deeds as misunderstood despair.[18]


  • The name Dredgen Yor comes from a language "forgotten by most", perhaps that of the Hive. The translation of the name is "The Eternal Abyss".[19]
  • In one of the Grimoire cards, it is revealed that Yor was a Striker[5], probably one of the first Guardians to use it. He might even be the inventor of it, similarly to how Shin Malphur is believed to have created the Golden Gun.
  • The official artwork done by Piotr Jabłoński shows Dredgen Yor wore the Phoenix Strife Type 0 Titan armor set; fitting, since he was said to be a champion of the Crucible. The armor also partially fits the description given in the "Before these walls" Grimore card which states that Rezyl Azzir possessed a collar of fur.
  • Prior to his change as Dredgen Yor, Rezyl Azzir's armor was said to be covered in gold plating, had "trophies" on his shoulders, and that his fur collar also had teeth within it.
  • It is implied in the lore tab of the Warlock Exotic Gauntlets Necrotic Grip that they are a creation of, or somehow otherwise related to, Dredgen Yor. This is further evident by the fact that their poison effect is not only very similar to that of Thorn's, but that when both Thorn and the Grips are both equipped, Thorn kills spread the Necrotic Grip poison.

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