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"Can't meet if you're dead."
— Tover to Rezyl Azzir

Tover is a Guardian of The Last City who worked alongside Rezyl Azzir and Hassa.


Tover joined Rezyl Azzir and Hassa on a mission to deal with a large force of Fallen in the Tescan Valley, which included a Ketch. Taking up position on a slope overlooking the Fallen forces, they each fired a rocket at patrolling Skiffs to gain their attention. Azzir then ordered Tover and Hassa to draw the Skiffs away while he dealt with the Fallen leader and declared they would meet up later, but Tover interrupted that they could not meet up if Azzir was dead. His comrade merely ordered him to go once more, and Tover and Hassa led the Skiffs away by riding away on their Sparrows.[1]

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