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Oof. So I just went back and looked at the other expansion pages, and apparently listing the variations of enemies is how it’s supposed to be done. I apologize for not realizing this sooner.


In the wiki it’s easy to miss it and I don’t think everyone actually goes through it. I feel like the Destiny wiki has slowed down in use compared to say a Wookiepedia which is far more active. In the discord it’s easier to communicate since any talk in the wiki is moving at a tortoise pace. Also it’s easier to prevent edits wars if people talks things through there and we can make rapid changes.

It’ll help out tremendously if you were there. I’ve been on the discord for a few years now and edit here and there. I got through phases. Sometimes I make big changes to pages like the Vex, Hive, Taken then I forget about the wiki all together. But the discord’s a pretty cool place, you get to interact with other contributors. I invited others to join as well. You can find the link in the homepage. Obviously we have our disputes over the lore, but we’re all trying to add the correct info.

I understand your sentiments 2020 has been a pretty rotten year.

My apologies if I’m acting rude, but your stubs aren’t helping. Now say if you were to provide details in what precisely needs to be added in each section in your summary then that would be fantastic as that would help everyone identify the missing links.

But you’re adding stubs without being clear and some pages don’t need it. Also most of the time no one is going to add them, I mean there’s pages that still have the Forsaken and Shadowkeep new content boxes. Honestly it’s far better if you join the Discord because then we can coordinate these edits with everyone else and discuss what’s missing in certain pages etc.

We’re pretty good. Recently we changed up the Taken page and a few other pages. Some have created the banners for Sand Eaters, Sky-burners, while others are writing walkthroughs. Even if you might not have the time, we can still talk about it there. And if given the proper guidance someone might be able to include the lore and references that are missing.

Your presence there would be very welcomed.


How to upload video on destinypedia


See also is important for things related to the page


Why did you erasing my scorn and fallen page