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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Devrim Kay
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Biographical information







Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:


Political and military information


Guardians, Vanguard, The Last City, The Farm


Dead Zone Scout



Notable info:

Aids the recovery effort of the Guardians
Provides additional missions, Adventures, and rewards for Guardians
Defends against hostile forces. He also appears to use No Land Beyond, the exotic primary sniper rifle from Destiny.

"The Cabal are bringing in a fortified Mining Lander, I believe this means a resource grab."
—Devrim Kay

Devrim Kay VIII is a human scout in the European Dead Zone, helping to aid the Guardians in their recovery efforts. As a former member of the Forces of the City, he has a lot of experience fighting the enemies of humanity. He is an old friend of Suraya Hawthorne. Devrim provides missions for Guardians to undertake in his church outpost within the Trostland. He is something of a linguist, prone to going on long tangents about City and Fallen dialects if given the opportunity, and is fond of tea.

Devrim manufactures many of the survivor's weapons, such as the Scathelocke. His weapons tend to be simpler than the City's weapons, made from what appear to be pre-Golden Age weapons tech.


Devrim serves as the vendor and one of the main questgivers for the EDZ. He is situated in a small sniper nest in the Trostland church. Turning in EDZ tokens, Dusklight Shards and Dusklight Crystals increases player reputation with Devrim and rewards legendary faction gear, shaders and other rewards.

Faction Armor[edit]

Faction Weapons[edit]


  • Dead Zone Bark
  • Dead Zone Foliage


  • "Hot cocoa, homemade Fuan cheese, baked clams... oh, I do miss you, Mark."
  • "My dear Mark, I am toasty warm, I assure you. Though, uhm, you might send me more tea."
  • "On your way, little bug. Nothing to see up here."


  • Devrim Kay and Master Ives share the same voice actor, Gideon Emery.
  • Besides Failsafe, Devrim Kay is the only patrol helper that was never a Guardian.
  • Devrim Kay's name is Turkish and could be translated to Revolution Shift.
  • Devrim uses the No Land Beyond which is an Exotic Sniper Rifle from Destiny.


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