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Eva Levante
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Eva Levante is a human Guardian Outfitter. She helps Guardians customize their armor, and sells Shaders and Emblems.


Before Destiny[edit]

Legend of the Guardian Outfitter[edit]

Long before she was know as the Guardian Outfitter, long before she had a place in the Tower, she would help Guardians who came to her for help in trying to make a name for themselves, sewing fine crafted patterns and symbols as well as Emblems and Shaders for their capes and cloaks, taken or inspired from the olden days;a new pattern or symbol to make their own.[1][2]


Festival of the Lost[edit]

"These are the traditions of the City, Guardian. We share them with you so you might better understand those whom you protect."
— —Eva Levante[3]

The Festival of the Lost was an event and hosted by Eva in the Tower. It was started in hopes of letting Guardians understand who and what they are protecting as well as honoring the dead of both those who were lost to the Darkness and Guardians who sacrificed their lives in defense of Humanity and the Light. Guardians were tasked with everything from collecting candy from vendors of the tower, to killing certain enemies and guardians during patrols or in the Crucible, as well as collecting items while on patrol to complete bounties and quest only available during the Festival.

The Dawning[edit]

" A winter holiday celebrated in the City, brought to the Tower by Eva Levante"
— - Grimiore Description.[4]

The Dawning was an event brought from the city to the Tower by Eva to do the same as the Festival of The Lost; to better connect Guardians with the inhabitants of the Last City.

Destiny 2[edit]

The Red War[edit]

Eva Levante survived the Red War and the Red Legion's invasion of the Last City, but did not reopen her shop in the new Tower. Ghost mentions that she has not been seen for some time.External Forsaken Info Reference Citation Code [5]

The Dawning[edit]

During the Dawning there was no word of Eva Levante being around.

Festival of the Lost[edit]

With the first Festival of the Lost after the Red War coming around Eva has still not been seen around the newly built Tower and no one has heard from her since. In her absence Amanda Holliday will be taking her role as event organizer for the festival.[6]

Destiny Inventory[edit]

Eva Levante sells a random selection of 18 Emblems and 5 Shaders each day in exchange for Glimmer or Motes of Light; a 19th Emblem, "Little Light", is occasionally sold in addition to her regular inventory.

Recently, Eva has had her inventory upgraded. In addition to shaders and emblems, she now sells four random colors of Chroma each week.

Legendary Emblems[edit]

These Legendary Emblems (formerly sold by the Speaker) cost 7 Motes of Light each. Six are randomly selected for sale each day.

  • Blessing of the Ancients
  • Blessing of the Gifted
  • Blessing of IV
  • Blessing of the Joined
  • Blessing of the Knight
  • Blessing of the Sentinel
  • Blessing of the Skeptic
  • Blessing of the Speaker
  • Blessing of the Unmade
  • Blessing of the Watcher
  • Blessing of Worlds
  • Blessing of the Zealot


  • Eva had a husband and had a child, both of whom were killed.[3]

List of appearances[edit]


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