Eva Levante

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Eva Levante
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Guardian Outfitter


Eva Levante is a human Guardian Outfitter. She helps Guardians customize their armor, and sells Shaders and Emblems.[1] During the 2015 Halloween event, Eva hosted the Festival of the Lost, rewarding players who collected candy on their travels with decorative paper masks.


Eva Levante sells a random selection of 18 Emblems and 5 Shaders each day in exchange for Glimmer or Motes of Light; a 19th Emblem, "Little Light", is occasionally sold in addition to her regular inventory.

Recently, Eva has had her inventory upgraded. In addition to shaders and emblems, she now sells four random colors of Chroma each week.

Legendary Emblems

These Legendary Emblems (formerly sold by the Speaker) cost 7 Motes of Light each. Six are randomly selected for sale each day.

  • Blessing of the Ancients
  • Blessing of the Gifted
  • Blessing of IV
  • Blessing of the Joined
  • Blessing of the Knight
  • Blessing of the Sentinel
  • Blessing of the Skeptic
  • Blessing of the Speaker
  • Blessing of the Unmade
  • Blessing of the Watcher
  • Blessing of Worlds
  • Blessing of the Zealot

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