House of Kings

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House of Kings
Grimoire House of Kings.jpg


Old Russia, Earth


Noble house

Other names:

The Kings


Battle of the Twilight Gap
Wolf Rebellion


Kell of Kings
Phyksin, King Baron
Paskin, King Baron
Vekis, King Baron

Notable information:

Gathered the Fallen Houses to attack the Last City
Only surviving major House

"House of Kings. Name comes from the old world, from before the Whirlwind. Most Houses carry their name for pride. Kings carry their name because ... is what they are."
—Variks, the Loyal

The House of Kings is a house of the Fallen, distinguishable by their yellow cloaks. They are known to have maintained some presence in Old Russia, as they are found inside the Terrestrial Complex and in King's Watch[1]


The House of Kings never works openly, instead preferring to work through intermediaries. They manipulate the House of Devils for their own ends, while the Kell of Kings always uses his Barons to act for him. Because the Kings prefer to plot and manipulate, when Skolas sent his ambassador Yavek to negotiate the Kings' allegiance to him, the Kell of Kings instead sent Paskin and Vekis, believed to be assassins.[2][3] Despite the fact that they have rarely been seen by Guardian eyes, the Kings are believed to be the most brutal House among the Fallen in that they possess an intense dislike for the other Houses, especially the House of Wolves, and they are secretly plotting dangerous schemes that could bring The Last City to ruin.

Xander 99-40 refers to this house in one of his random dialogues: "Closed mission, House Kings listening post, Olympus Mons." The reference to "Olympus Mons", a still active giant volcano on Mars, could hint a possible presence of the House of Kings on Mars. However, the only Fallen houses known to have been officially on Mars surface, as for now, are the House of Wolves and the House of Devils.

By the time of the SIVA Crisis, the Kings have mostly abandoned Old Russia because of the onslaught of the Taken and the Devil Splicers. The Archon's Forge may have once been theirs.

Notable members


  • Aksor, Archon Priest may be a member of this House based on his robes and color scheme, plus the fact that there are numerous Kings' banners around his cell.

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