Kell's Grave

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Kell's Grave
Map overview


Destiny 2: Forsaken


The Tangled Shore


Rusted and acidic

Gameplay overview

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Recommended gametype(s):

Gambit (Formerly)
Gambit Prime (Formerly)


Kell's Grave was a Gambit map that launched along with the gamemode with the release of Forsaken on September 4, 2018. It was later sunsetted and removed from the game with the release of Beyond Light on November 10, 2020, due to overall negative fan reception of the map due to how cumbersome it was to traverse the map and how easy it was to fall off and die to the too high kill floor that prevented possible recovery.


The spawn location of the map was similar to most of the other Gambit maps, with cavernous terrain and many holes to jump through. From there there were four main locations, there was the Bank in the middle to deposit motes to the left was the Slums, straight ahead was the Pit, and to the right was the Canal.

In between these areas was a large lake of acid that'd serve as a kill floor that'd kill anyone who touched it. There were also two launch cannons at the Canal and Slums that'd launch whoever jumped into the other side of the map.

The Slums[edit]

The Slums

"Enemies appearing in the Slums!"
The Drifter

The slums was the most often spawn location for enemies and is vertical centralized, making prioritizing the mobility stat was favorable. There were four spawn locations, at the back right, back left, middle left, and below the middle left.

The Pit[edit]

"Enemies at the Pit!"
The Drifter

The Pit was much lower to the ground compared to the other areas and was much more close-ranged, making prioritizing the resilience stat was favorable. There were only two spawn locations, straight ahead from the bank, and above that spawn location in the back middle.



"Scorn in Canal!"
The Drifter

Canal was much more open compared to the other areas, with platforms to access it from spawn, two structures allowing players at the bank to jump to it, and a low to the ground edge to allow access from the Pit. The Canal had three spawn locations, one straight ahead from the bank, one above and behind it, and one at the back right.

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